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Author : Mark

Track Your Boat’s Movements

Simply wire the small, waterproof device into your boat's electrical system. Then using the Garmin Tracker™ smartphone app or website, you can see its exact position on a map. GTU 10 also allows you to draw geofences around your marina and receive email or text message alerts if your boat leaves that area. Plus, it's a handy way for loved...

Things can happen beyond your controll

Mike says to all anglers, “Be prepared; always wear your life jacket with the kill switch attached and you need to have a cell phone for emergencies.” “Be aware, things can happen that are beyond your control”....

Locking Gas Cap for Boats

Perko's 1324 Fuel System Locking Cap also is easy to install without tools. This one-piece black plastic insert with gasket has a built-in lock cylinder and replaces the standard fuel cap. Its two models fit fills with outside thread diameters of 1-7/8" or 1-15/32". Two keys are supplied....

Pocher Busted by Army Bass Anglers

They had a total of 109 fish of all species and several gill nets. Both persons were Asian and were cited, the boat and trailer were impounded. In May of 2011 David and Vern were requested to appear in court as witnesses of the state. Both defendants pleaded no contest and were fined $1,000.00 each that had to be paid...

Making the Case for a Ban on Fracking

With mounting evidence that fracking for natural gas is poisoning our air and water, and a national movement against fracking that continues to grow, why is Congress poised to commit us to an energy policy that will encourage even more fracking?...

Bob Adkinson Fall Transition Time

Bob Adkinson with a nice Smallie Smallmouth Transition  By Bob Adkinson Fall, one of my favorite times of the year. The fall is what I refer to as Transition Time. Fishing here on the Columbia and Snake Rivers in Southeastern Washington this time of year can be incredible. I caught......

Springtime Bass Fishing

By Mark Lassagne This is the time of year when most of the mature bass will go shallow. Neil Manji, Chief Fisheries biologist with the California Department of Fish and Game says that for many bass, this (spring) is the only time they will go shallow all year meaning many......

“SILVER FIN” new name for Silver Carp or Flying Carp.

Project S.O.R. “Save Our River” “SILVER FIN” new name for Silver Carp or Flying Carp. “The Extreme Fish” by Chef Philippe Parola In 1973 a Kansas catfish farmer brought 300 Silver Carp from China to eat algae from the water of his catfish water tanks. In the following years these......