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All New Realistic Scum Frog Painted Trophy Series Meets Angler Demands

American-Made Scum Frog advances frog fishing once again with 10 hand-designed colors

OCEAN SPRINGS, Mississippi, USA (May 21, 2020) – Discriminating anglers demand specific features in their quest for the best hollow-bodied frog. They want their frogs to be soft, so they collapse the moment a bass strikes, yet durable to last through numerous fish catches. They seek a higher hook-up ratio due to accurate positioning of quality hooks and they want them to convey a lifelike appearance and move realistically across the water.

Scum Frog, which has been manufacturing hollow-bodied frogs seemingly forever, offers the highest quality components at a reasonable price in its upgraded Painted Trophy Series. Like the recently introduced Launch Series, the ALL NEW Trophy Series now features 10 new hand-designed colors in addition to the 11 original colors.

The Painted Trophy Series’ realistic color schemes mimic several different types of bass forage. Each color has been meticulously designed by award-winning, internationally renowned lure artist Andrew Gardner, a Scum Frog staffer.

Plus, anglers don’t have to worry about the paint design wearing off; Scum Frog uses a proprietary system that digitally patterns onto the frog making them extremely durable.

Like all Scum Frog models, they are made at American Baitworks. Unlike most frogs that are produced with automated manufacturing, Scum Frog manufacturing is done by hand, by American employees ensuring the time and care it takes to meet the company’s high-quality control standards.

“We don’t make crankbaits or spinnerbaits or any other types of lures at Scum Frog” says Scum Frog General Manager Frank Mackin. “We have specialized in frogs for 30+ years and know more about designing and manufacturing hollow body frogs because that’s all we do.” Mackin also says the company’s exclusive and detailed dip-mold manufacturing process is one of the reasons Scum Frog has the softest hollow body in the market.

Scum Frog Trophy Series Frog in Natural Black & Green

Reigning Bassmaster Angler of Year Scott Canterbury says that’s a huge reason why they catch more fish. “I’ve been fishing Scum Frogs for more than 20 years,” explains the Alabama pro. “I’ve experimented with all of the brands, but none offers as good of hook-up ratio as the Scum Frog models. They have the softest body which collapses easily and offers more exposure to the super sharp Owner hooks built in them.”

The Painted Trophy Series, one of 14 Scum Frog series of frogs, is designed to ride low in the water and push a lot of water for more surface disturbance. “It’s ideal for working edges of vegetation, especially during low light hours around matted grass, vertical structure, docks and seawalls,” says Canterbury.

Like all Scum Frogs, the Trophy Series has a patented keel hole in the bottom to make it self-draining. Each time you lift the bait to make another cast, water automatically drains. That means there’s no need to “squeeze” the body to remove water which is required of many other brands. The Trophy Series is offered in 1/2 and 5/8-ounce sizes and both models cast easily.

“The frog has a solid, brass button weight to enhance casting distance and give the bait a good presence in the water,” says Canterbury. “I really like the size of it too, especially when fishing around pressured fish.”

The Painted Trophy’s legs are made with 40-strand silicone skirt material that is color coordinated to match the lure body perfectly. Scum Frog, a subsidiary of American Baitworks, makes a frog for every action, size and price point in the market.

“We’re not a niche company,” says Mackin. “We produce a variety of frogs for all levels of anglers; we’re very conscientious about that.”

The new Trophy Series will be available to retailers nationwide beginning June 1. It will carry a suggested retail of $6.49

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