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A New Spybait Emerges

It is true, Spybaiting is one of the fastest growing finesse presentations world wide. More money has been amassed, more tournaments won, more Personal Bests achieved, while executing Spybaiting using the Realis Spinbait than all other prop baits and their perspective companies combined (world wide). Did you know DUO’s Spinbait is the only sinking prop bait to help and angler hold several All -Time professional bass tournament records! This achievement is because a tremendous amount of consideration and study that not only went  into the approach but consideration invested in the entire series.   

It is our goal to keep you ahead of the pack, give you the best in lure innovation and to provide you the most reliable Spinbait on the market. We have dedicated literally thousands of hours to Spinbait technology. 

One of those continued advancements is the new arrival of the Spinbait 100. It is a bigger and longer version of the Spinbait. It profile is may make it be considered by some as a swimbait. DUO’s Spinbait action and traits are actually carried over to the new 100 without issue.  

“We achieved a new bench mark! The 100 is significant in size. Usually, using more material -mass means sacrifices! Usually you have to give up something in performance when you add weight or more material. We were able to completely escape the detriment. Our Spinbait 100 is lively!, responsive!, and casts extremely well! We lost nothing in this larger profile. We gained a larger more mature baitfish profile that gives off an excellent display of micro-pulsing, provides the necessary distribution of turbidity while maintain the appropriate plum -effect.  All this in a lure!  Its body roll or listing gives it the cherished “passive minnow vibration” which adds to the attraction of the lure.”  mentions David Swendseid Realis R&D Specialist Mgr.

The newest weapon in the arsenal of Spybaiting, the Spinbait 100 will give 100 millimeters of pure performance!

So how do you improve Spybating? You add another performance ace to the 4 existing models, The Spinbait 100mm.

■Type/Sinking(Fixed Weight) 
■Ring/Hook Eye♯3

“To gain early success with the Spinbait 100, attempt fan casting on large flats during pre spawn conditions”- reports David Swendseid.

AGAIN, FLW Tour Pro, Chad Grisby said it best, “I set 4 All Time Smallmouth Records, won over 100K,  and caught nearly 100 pounds of smallmouth all because of spybaiting and using the Realis Spinbait…”

-DUO International Staff!

(More on the ultimate finesse technique at: www.spybaiting.com)

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