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A Couple Great Snacks While Fishing

As bass fisherman we rarely have time to sit down and have a nice lunch. We need food / snacks that we can eat on the go especially if fishing a tournament.

Besides the fact that we need something fast and easy on the water, nutrition plays a role in how we perform throughout the day. Talking with my doctor the other day, he told me a candy bar or sugary treat will boost you up but only for a short while. He said while fishing to keep your energy up eat foods high in protein and a balanced diet with plenty of water.

Old Trapper Beef Jerky has 32gm of protein along with 590mg of sodium in each one ounce serving.

Nutrition Facts can be found here

Sodium aids in fluid absorption and will help keep you hydrated throughout a hot day. When I was in the Marines we would eat high levels of sodium to keep from passing out from dehydration on a long hike or run.

A quick web search will give you more information on sodium benefits and warnings.

Protein is good for building muscles increases you metabolism helping you get though a vigorous fishing day. Also there is much information on the web about protein.

Besides the nutritional values Old Trapper tastes great, I personally like Peppered and Old fashioned but … there’s a mecca of different flavors to meet most anyone’s needs.  Best of all you can eat them at 60mph running to your next spot.  Learn more or order some at oldtrapper.com

Kate’s Real Food bars were invented by a ski bun in Jackson Hole, Wyoming who wanted a snack that was nutritious and taste good.

Kate’s are in a bar form and come in six different flavors, they are USDA organic, non GMO, Gluten Free and made with all natural honey.

Each bar has 6gm or protein and 65mg of sodium, 4g of fiber and 12g of added sugars (more on their website) which is a good recipe for a healthy snack. I tried all of the bars and shared a few with  friends where we all agreed they all taste great, though my favorite was the Dark Chocolate Cherry & Almond.

They taste great and have nutritional benefits for us anglers and the only downfall was the bars come apart where at 60mph they would be a little messy so eat them while your stopped or going through a 5mph zone.

To learn more or order your own snacks visit katesrealfood.com

Note, I am a fisherman with experience eating while fishing 🙂 and not a medical professional and is not my intention to give any medial advice.

Get some snacks and go fish – Mark Lassagne

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