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5 World-famous Actors Who Enjoy Fishing

5 World famous Actors Who Enjoy Fishing

If you are a passionate angler, then you will know that fishing is not just a hobby; it is a way of life!

Not everyone has a true understanding or appreciation of the sport. Many will raise their eyebrows or frown at the idea of sitting beside an idyllic lake or out in the ocean. Some do not have the patience to be able to deal with sitting for hours on end waiting for fish to bite, while others do not like the idea that they may not be able to catch anything at all after spending all day by the waterside.

However, this is just one of the beauties of the sport, and why so many continue to take it up. So much so, that there has been a plethora of famous celebrities to do so. If you browse the internet, you will be able to find a number of global names that enjoy angling when they have the opportunity, perhaps because of the ability to just relax and unwind while doing so.

Among the famous faces are a number of the world’s top actors, with the following just some of the best examples…

Brad Pitt

Let’s start with one of the biggest names in Hollywood, Brad Pitt. While it would be hard to imagine that he has the time to enjoy the sport, he is known to go on a number of trips if he can; taking his family along with him. Apparently, his love of fishing came when portraying a character in one of his films. As he got into character development for his role as a fly-fisherman in the 1992 film “A River Runs Through It”, he learned how to do it and instantly fell in love.

Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner is another big-time actor that has revealed he has a passion for fishing. Although he has admitted that he is not a purist, he has dabbled with the sport since he was a youngster. He also revealed that he doesn’t think that there is a greater thrill than when seeing a fish bite, while stating that his passion has continued to grow each day. With his award-winning show Yellowstone coming to an end, he may have more time to go to his favorite spots and cast his rod in the future!

Tom Hardy

A British actor that has been receiving global acclaim for his ability on the screen in recent years, Tom Hardy, is another who is extremely passionate about fishing. His rise on the screen has been incredible in recent years; so much so, that he is now rumored to be among the leading candidates to be the next person to play James Bond according to the odds provided by the 888 sport betting operator. He was filmed in a scene in his 2020 movie about Al Capone titled “Capone”, where he depicted the gangster while on a fishing trip on a boat.

Harrison Ford

While his list of film credits includes searching the galaxy as Han Solo in Star Wars or some of the world’s hidden and dangerous locations as Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford is also an avid fisherman that enjoys spending time on the water. He has been pictured in the past with friends and family with his fishing gear while basking out in the sun as he enjoyed sportfishing. He is thought to have a penchant for fly fishing, although he has revealed in the recent past that he does not have much time for the sport anymore; perhaps this is what comes with being very successful in Hollywood?

Liam Neeson

Whether he uses his famous quote from the Taken franchise to the water is debatable, the Northern Irishman is a known enthusiast for fly fishing, and being an avid angler. In fact, he revealed that he looks to take July and August off every year in order to enjoy the sport across the US. With the fly fishing season being between April and October, it would seem the actor has it nailed down in terms of the time of year he chooses.

Fishing is Enjoyed by Superstar Actors

If you are out one day on the water or by its side, it would appear that it would not be a complete surprise to see one of Hollywood’s biggest faces with you. The five outlined are just some of the biggest actors to have made it known that they enjoy fishing, but there are many celebrities across various mediums that have all enjoyed this way of life!

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