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2021 ICAST with Batson Enterprises Rod and Blank Components

Browsing the isles at the 2021 ICAST fishing conversion in Orlando Florida the Bass Angler Magazine crew is proud to bring you an array of new fishing products for the bass fishing industry and beyond.

Batson Enterprises is one of the leading innovators of fishing-related products. Their diverse product portfolio is full of quality-trusted brands that are respected worldwide. Products are distributed globally through several well-recognized brands, including: RainShadow, ALPS, ForeCast, ToughStick, Guidespacing, Jaguar Designs, and Team Rainshadow. Batson Enterprises is committed to enhancing fishing experiences. With a vast array of product lines, there are many combinations available to customize any rod build. Batson Enterprises has a refreshed and focused attention on their various brands. This will allow all customers to easily differentiate each brand and exactly what they have to offer. Rather than grouping everything under the Batson Enterprises name, individual identities were created for all brands. This simplifies specific marketing, service, and distribution strategies. With a focus on marketing each brand, you, the end user, will have an easier time selecting the precise components and the perfect blank.

For more information visit www.batsonenterprises.com.



When the late Bob Batson started building custom rods in his living room in 1980, it marked the start of a new era for the Batson family name. As an avid fisherman, he was motivated by his angling passion to create fishing rods of unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship. From these humble beginnings, the company grew to become Batson Enterprises in 2000.

Currently run by Bob’s son, CEO Bill Batson, our company is blessed with non-stop growth. We are fortunate to be one of the largest wholesale rod blank and component suppliers in the United States. Our clients range from individual rod builders to huge global companies. Batson is steeped in fishing and rod building experience and has compiled one of the finest groups of professionals under one roof. This enables us to effectively meet the needs of this broad customer base.

Merging our knowledge, integrity, innovation, passion, superior customer service, and unbeatable quality, we are able to provide our customers with the service and quality products this industry has come to rely on.


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