WaveSpin “more fish guarantee”

Award-winning company is now eight models strong with a pair priced below $50


PORT RICHEY, Fla. – When WaveSpin was first introduced five years ago the “radical” tangle-free wave design was considered a gimmick to some. Yet those who tried the affordably priced reels found WaveSpin to indeed be a well thought-out reel, winning numerous awards and impressive accolades from mainstream fishing media and serious angling technicians alike.

            “Bass Professor” Doug Hannon re-invented the reel with a unique wave spool design, the antithesis of the spinning reel’s smooth face fabrication used for over six decades. Since then WaveSpin’s popularity has spread across the U.S. with thousands upon thousands of “tangle-free” anglers making longer, effortless casts and having more lure time in the water.

            WaveSpin debuted four reels at the 2011 ICAST fishing tackle trade show with several advancing to the final rounds of more magazine competitions. Some test reels are matched with CastAway’s (www.castawayrods.com) new series of Microwave rods – another Hannon patent – eliminating the distance robbing slap of the line so apparent in old style spinning rods. The result is faster, farther and more accurate casts that can’t be matched by any other spinning rod.

            The young reel company now has a growing family of guaranteed tangle-free models in a variety of affordable price ranges starting at $45.95 MSRP.  All are backed by tough multi-disc drags with more tension and smoother operation than any other reel on today’s market.

             New WaveSpin Models:

            WaveSpin introduced two super-strong lightweight versions of the original DH models, the new DH3000z (9.5 oz) and DH4000z (11 oz); both great for a wide variety of fish species.

All WaveSpin Reels, including the ZTR series, utilize the same high quality spool and drag system as WaveSpin’s more expensive models.  The DHxL and ZTR models as well as the new DH 3000z and DH 4000z also have double shielded stainless steel bearings throughout. These five WaveSpin Reels sport a new bold rich look with the feel and performance WaveSpin Reels are now famous for plus a new graphite composite for even more added strength.

The lightweight bodies on all eight models (8 to 12.5 oz) hold a variety of line capacities and each drag operates on a lifetime waterproof lubricant Hannon engineered and perfected.

WaveSpin’s Guaranteed Tangle-Free Reels Also Guarantee More Fish:

             Hannon asks how many more fish will you catch?  “Pros tell us, ‘Time wasted in clearing loops and tangles can cost you up to 300 casts a day,’” said Hannon. “More casts means more fish, that’s the WaveSpin advantage; more fish guaranteed.”

            WaveSpin’s Russ Riley added, “In the unlikely event that an angler has any problems with any form of tangling they can make a quick call to our warranty department. They’ll get a live person on the line to help them diagnose the problem, and, after two contacts, if they’re not happy we’ll refund the purchase price.”  

            WaveSpin is marketed through major sporting and fishing goods stores such as Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s and independent tackle stores nationwide. For more go to WaveSpin’s website at  www.WaveSpinReel.com or contact Russ Riley at Russ@WaveSpinReel.com , by phone at 989-967-8426 or ask your favorite tackle dealer to order for you.


Contact: Pete Johnson, Johnson Communications, Inc. Scottsdale, Ariz. 85267

 480-951-3654 (ph), JohnsonCom@aol.com (e-mail)

“Official Reels of Walt Disney World’s Guided Fishing Excursions”
Winner of Field & Stream Magazine’s “Best of The Best Award”

“Best of the Best in Value” by FLW Outdoors Magazine

NAFC Field Tested “Seal of Approval”

TackleTour.com’s Innovation Award

 (photo caption:  WaveSpin’s new DH3000z with the “waved-spool design” is $87.95 MSRP)

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  1. Mike Shine says:

    Fishing , for most of us is a luxury. To earn and afford the time to wet a line is golden. Nothing is more aggrivating than to get family and friends together for a well planned trip to go fishing. We spend countless amounts of money and time for that special day or vacation to catch fish. Wether its fishing with a veteran or a rookie, nothing is more aggrivating than spending valuable time helping untangle messes. How many times have you been asked “how’d ya do today”? to have to make up something like “they just werent bittin today when reality you spent half the day untangling equiptment. Believe me I have been there too many times until I started fishing with Doug Hannon’s WaveSpin reels and Microwave rods. Time is a valuable especially when it comes to fishing. This new fishing experience with this equiptment is off the charts incredible! Doug Hannon is not just an inventor he is a huge problem solver. Thanks Doug for reinventing my fishing experience.
    Mike “Shiner” Shine

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