Unraveling the Mystery

Lying there, staring at the ceiling, I couldn’t sleep if I tried.  Heart beating just a little faster as images of what lay ahead dance through my mind.   Finally the smallest stream of sunlight begins to creep through my window; the longest night of my life has just ended. I burst through my parent’s door, screaming “Get Up” as I whip around and race down the stairs to see what surprises await under the tree.  As a kid, this is what Christmas morning was like for me, unfortunately as we grow older, these experiences get lost with each year that past’s, that is, until now.

Let’s fast forward about 30 plus years.  Sitting here in my office, staring at the clock, time creeping along at a snail’s pace.   Getting any kind of work done is an afterthought.  My concentration is zero as I sit here and imagine what is waiting for me at home.  I’m brought back to reality by the shrill sound of the final blow of the horn, my day is done!   I race to the parking lot, dive in my truck and barrel down the road like I’m escaping the zombie apocalypse.  Back roads, country roads, freeways……I’m almost there.  Finally I skid to a stop in my driveway, jump out of the truck, make a bee line for the front door and there it is!  My Mystery Tackle Box has arrived, Christmas has come in October!

Like most of us, Jeremy Gwynne’s mind is constantly moving when he’s on the water.  But instead of focusing on dissecting the area he’s fishing, he is masterminding the next great fishing enterprise.  Mystery Tackle Box was born on the waters of Florida, a genius combination of consumer demand and corporate marketing expertise.   Brian Roach, Mystery Tackle Box co-founder, explains the concept behind MTB, “There are hundreds of products out there and the choices can be overwhelming.  Mystery Tackle Box takes the guesswork out of it by choosing proven, top quality tackle to provide our customers and in turn, potentially introduce them to new techniques as well.”

Let me explain how it works.  Jump on the internet, go to www.mysterytacklebox.com, click the subscribe button, enter your information, enter your information enter promo code (GET499) for a special price and BAM, your done.  Then, once a month you will receive the greatest box of fishing goodies you could ever imagine.  Now here comes the cool part, each month, when your box arrives, you have no idea what is waiting inside.  Crankbaits, buzzbaits, jigs, hooks, weights, soft plastics, the possibilities are endless.  It’s like having your own personal fishing elf at your disposal!  What more could an obsessed fisherman ask for?

The real genius behind Mystery Tackle Box is not just in their ability to provide anglers across the world with some of the top brands on the market, but what they offer to the companies who have partnered with them.  Brian Roach explains, “We provide product companies a very unique marketing opportunity where they are able to get their products in the hands and tied to the lines of their target market, while also exposing their product to a network of anglers exceeding 120,000.  Each of the products featured in our box has an informational bait card with retail price and a link to our website with a description, product demo video, and instructions for fishing the particular lure.  We’re creating repeat customers for each and every product company we work with!”

As consumers, there is always the concern with quality in everything we purchase.  At Mystery Tackle Box, each product they provide is put through rigorous field testing to ensure its quality.  “Our team is comprised of tournament bass anglers who field test all the items before we decide to feature them in our boxes.  Several factors come into play:  Innovation, Quality, and time of year are all major factors we consider when partnering with product companies.”  States Brian, “We provide our customers with high quality lures and tackle from large and small tackle companies alike.  Our product specialists attended ICAST this year to secure product from the most innovative bait and tackle companies in operation today.”  With the dedication of the Mystery Tackle Box team in providing the highest quality of tackle offered, consumer response has understandably been outstanding.  “We’ve really created a community of anglers who enjoy sharing their stories and product reviews with each other on a daily basis!  That’s what makes us so excited about what we are doing and justifies the late nights and long weekends we are putting in to ensure the success of MTB for everyone involved.”

There is an old saying, ‘There is always room for improvement’, and Mystery Tackle Box has not lost sight of this belief.  Plan’s are already in the mix to expand the monthly mystery goodness to our brothers and sisters who chase the salt water variety of fish.  But the fun doesn’t stop there!  Just in time for the holiday season, MTB is rolling out a gift certificate module so customers can gift their boxes without having to subscribe on the recipients behalf.  Man, nothing like receiving the gift of 12 months of Christmas on Christmas Day! 

One way to gauge the success of any business is consumer testimonial, listen to one of the stories Brian Roach shared, “We had a subscriber whose credit card was declined at the time his subscription renewed.  Turns out this customer had suspended all charges to the card due to some unrelated fraudulent activity.  Well, our customer was so determined not to miss the boat on the September shipment that he called his credit card company to allow charges from only Mystery Tackle Box!  Who needs groceries and gasoline when you’ve got a Mystery Tackle Box?”  Amen to that brother!

Quality products, exceptional customer service, the child like suspense we feel as we stare out of the peep hole looking for the mail man.  Mystery Tackle Box has all of the qualities a great company requires to be successful in these tough economic times.  Providing consumers and their tackle partners a place to meet in the middle, bring them together and assist in expanding the love of our sport is the main goal of Mystery Tackle Box.  In the immortal words of Karl VonDribble, the 32nd place finisher in the Bass Apprentice Regional Trials, “Finding a good lure can be like trying to catch a bass with a baseball bat!”  With Mystery Tackle Box, you can take the mystery out of fishing one month at a time!


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