ArmyBass at Lake Travis

ArmyBassAngler Pros, Randy Sitz and Ron Seevers, headed out on Lake Travis for the fourth Bass Champs central division tournament.  The team decided to head south to fish an area they had success in the past.  Fishing an intermediate point that sloped to deep water, Ron caught the first fish of the day on a dropshot rig, and a Lake Fork Trophy Lures Hyper Finesse Worm.  As Ron was bringing in the short fish, Randy immediately noticed that fish began to school near the adjacent docks.  Shortly, as the team moved in, Ron hooked the first keeper of the day on a Victory Tackle Thumper vibrating jig dressed with a 3.5 inch LFT Live Magic Shad.  The team threw fast moving, reaction baits for quite some time, but as suddenly as the schooling started, it stopped.  Randy then broke out his Dobyns drop shot rod, confiscated Ron’s hyper finesse worm box, and began to put on a clinic of how to dropshot in nearly 60 feet of water.  Randy would catch the next three keepers and then the team moved to pick up the final fish to complete the meager limit.  Finally returning to the docks and culling one fish, the team reported in and weighed in for 8.38 pounds.  Randy said, “It was a great day of fishing; I am just disappointed that we couldn’t get into bigger fish, but that is why they call it fishing”

Dale Hughes joined the fun On Travis, as well.  He would fish with his “civilian battle buddy,” Wendell Ramsey.  Wendell is a well known fisherman from San Angelo and places well in the South Bass Champs circuit.  He is also an outdoor writer for various publications and a huge supporter of the military.  The plan of attack was to run as far as possible up the river and fish their way back.  With the shad spawn going on, the early bite would be the key.  Armed with Victory Tackle Spinnerbaits and Fury Lure’s F4 crankbaits, the team went to work. They instantly started getting bit on every cast.  There were a ton of little ones, but they weeded through the dinks and managed 4 decent keepers along with a disappointing loss of a three pounder at the boat.  The bite died after about 3 passes of the 75 yard stretch so the team kept moving up the river.  By 9:30, their limit was in the live well.  As the cloud cover burned off Dale shifted to a Lake Fork Trophy Lures Lizard and started flipping the big rocks looking for the illusive kicker bite.  He managed a few decent culls but the big one “got away” as he set the hook on what seemed to be a good one.  It ripped drag off my Dobyns Rod and Ardent reel combination and then spit the lizard half way through the fight.   After the dust settled the team placed at a respectable 31st place with 12.95 pounds and a mere 3/4 of a pound out of the money.

There were a total of 158 teams fishing this event and over $43,000 was paid out in cash and prizes.  There were 104 limits brought to the scales and a total of 591 fish.  For more information on this or any Bass Champs tournament, go to






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