Tired of the bottom of the barrel?

Demand the top of the line!

Long regarded as one of the undisputed true pioneers of the entire swimbait movement, Optimum Baits once again raises the bar to set them apart in a market literally overflowing with lackluster offerings. However, calling the new “Top of the Line” series a swimbait is like calling a Porsche a car. It’s not wrong it just lacks the proper amount of respect.

Like its popular and proven predecessor the BLT (Baby Line Thru), the Top Of The Line series utilizes basically the same highly effective rigging concept that allows the hook to release from the body giving anglers a direct connection to the fish while at the same time exposing the bait to minimal stress and battle damage.

But unlike the BLT the Top of the Line series has a very special extra as well as exclusive feature. This model utilizes the back of the bait to secure the hook rather than the more traditional belly set up. The ingenious and extremely efficient configuration enables the bait to thoroughly search and conquer much more challenging areas where because of snags and other troublesome hang-ups many anglers and artificials often fear to venture.

By using the back of the bait the Top Of The Line swimbait can be successfully bottomed bounced, stump jumped and hopped over and in between rocks as well as other submerged structure. To attain the incredibly realistic action strategically placed Tungsten weights provide perfect ballast giving the lure supreme balance and pure fluid movement on the fall and when swam at virtually every depth of the water column.

In addition, the precise weight distribution also offers significantly increased stability resulting in an optional retrieval speed up to three times faster than the original BLT. An invaluable attribute when reaction strike situations are called upon.

Being the very first line- thru lure of its kind never before has such a progressive endeavor been successfully accomplished. The extensive research and field testing that went into the exclusive patent pending design of the Top Of The Line series was up until now unprecedented in the sport fishing industry. Thanks to a collaborative effort between Joe Crumrine of Bullet Weights (rigging system), Ryan Mansell of Mansell (medical) Designs (CAD) and the lure making expertise of Optimum Baits, the project came to fruition.

In applying and perfecting this first ever concept in the swimbait arena, Optimum Baits have not only achieved their ground breaking design objectives, they have also set the stage for a whole new level of lure development and swimbait fishing. Industry insiders are already predicting the Top of the Line series will be among the hottest and most exciting new offerings this fall and forget about target species because everything with gills will find the unique action, profile and color schemes too accurate to pass up.

Fred Roumbanis – “The original 5 –inch BLT has been my “go to” swimbait for over three years now. With the addition of the Top Hook Line Thru I can now fish it in deeper water and either slow roll it on the bottom and have confidence it won’t pick up all the trash. The kicker is the once I hook the fish I know it will stay hooked because it still slides up the line.”

Bill Donovan – “Optimums first break-away system on its own merit is a truly fantastic advancement for artificial purists in that the lure slides out of the way of intense pressure and sharp teeth making baits last a great deal longer. The top hook version is poised to become a staple particularly with East Coast striper sharpies due to the moratorium on live-lining herring. Spring 2011 marks the end of fishing live herring in all North East/Mid-Atlantic waters so the Top Of The Line series will no doubt be the top choice for pulling line siders as well as other game fish out of the rocks in the Delaware River and other infamous Eastern watersheds.”

The Top Of The Line series is slated for official release in early Fall 2011. Sizes and weights (w/hooks) include 4- inch (1.3ounce), 5- inch (1.7 ounce) and 6- inch (2.2 ounce) models. Plus, a wide selection of Optimums signature color patterns will allow anglers to match the hatch of just about every forage base in fresh or salt water.

ABOUT OPTIMUM BAIT COMPANY: Optimum Bait Company has been the leader in swimbait design since 1996. Optimum was the first company to release a swimbait with an internal weight in the head, but that is only one of their many innovations. Using CAD machinery, the company has branched out not only within the swimbait market, but also into other genres – one such development was Furbit the Frog and the Poppin’ Furbit, which were chosen as the best new soft lure by the American Sportfishing Association at ICAST in 2006. While Optimum is based in Southern California, where swimbaits got their start, the lures have gained a strong foothold throughout the US as well as in overseas markets.

For more information about Optimum Bait Company, go to www.optimumbaits.com




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