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Mark Lassagne, born and raised in California is the creator of the popular, BASS ANGLER magazine. Mark a skillful professional angler, outdoor writer, promoter and top competitor on the western tournament circuits. www.marklassagne.com


  1. josh Van Put says:

    Good Stuff! I love Roscoe NY

  2. Matt says:

    Right on target! Youtube and sites like it hold a huge resource of info

    Thanks Richie

  3. Johnny says:

    Great article. I was able to find a lot of information on lakes that I have wanted to fish for years, but wasn’t sure where to start. I feel confident on traveling to the featured lakes in these videos and not getting skunked! Thanks Rich

  4. Kim says:

    It’s so true. Great videos by the way!

  5. John says:

    Your right everytime I fish a new lake I always find video footage on youtube. It’s a great way to see whats working where your heading! Right on Rich!

  6. George says:

    I just found this magazine and it is great. I agree with this writer…..good point! Looking forward to future editions. Keep up the good work.

  7. Bill P says:

    This is an exciting period for The Reel Deal,still being somewhat in its infancy,the ideas for future shows hold great promise.Being able to be a part of this venture,being able to do what we really love to do is great.Richie and myself and the other Reel Deal staff are really putting our heads together to try and showcase the outdoors of our great state,sure we go on road trips,but all roads always lead back to New Jersey.So look for our videos and hopefully you can catch our show every Saturday morning at 8 a.m.

  8. Maryann Libby says:

    I work with Rich and he has shown me how to fish as well as taken my son on his first fishing trip. He really knows what he is doing and it is always a pleasure to fish with him.

  9. Mark says:

    Happy to help!

  10. Lou says:

    I had the chance to meet Rich a few times at some local shows and he is always trying to help out his fellow anglers. He gives of his time and does not ask for anything in return. He sent me a email today letting me know that you are running a story by him. Thanks Bass Angler Magazine for helping bring a great guy into the spotlight! I


  11. Mark says:

    Did Richie put you up to that? He seems like a great guy and I’m looking forward to more stories from him.

  12. Ryan says:

    I would l like to read more stories by richie.

  13. Leonora says:

    Great story!! I think Rich is doing a lot for the “angler” community in our great state of New Jersey!!!! Thank you for printing this story.

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