The “Frogmaster” comes to Gone Fishin Marine in Dixon

Bobby Barrack frogmaster


DIXON, Ca. – Whether or not you will be fishing the upcoming 12th annual Snagproof Open on August 3-4, if you are an angler that would like to increase your frog fishing – and frog catching skills, you simply do not want to miss the once a year seminar being held this evening at Gone Fishin Marine in Dixon.


Bobby Barrack
aka the “Frogmaster” will be at the Gone Fishin Marine on Thursday, July 18th to share with those that want to know, techniques he has perfected over the many years he has used this unique bait, that will help give you the edge over the competition when the money is on the line.




Some of the topics covered include:

- What is the best line to use – in what conditions?

- Colors: Does it really matter?

- Retrieve speeds/cadence

- Hook set timing

- Frog Rods and reels

- Modifying frogs – The REAL scoop on the effects of trimming skirts, painting the bait, and adding


- How to spot the most productive Frog water


Bobby Barrack is one the top bass professionals in the west, and is for sure one of the top guides on the California Delta. Spending more than 200 days a year on the river, he knows where the big ones live and how to make them eat!

So make your way down to the Gone Fishin Marine in Dixon, at 6pm promptly, and join us for a special seminar featuring the absolute master of the Snag Proof top water frog!

See you all there!

For more information about the Aug 3-4 12th annual Snag Proof Open event go to or

Gone Fishin Marine is located in Dixon California – 707.678.1600

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