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The Northern California-based Bass Angler Magazine (BAM) is extending its interactive coverage, its product trials and its first-hand, bass angling experiences by offering the chance for tournament pros, bait and gear companies and fishing guides to show off their wares with a day on the water with BAM WoW. BAM WoW is a “Wednesday on the Water” with the bass angling publication, written for and by bass anglers.

Since the inception of BAM WoW, Editor-in-Chief Mark Lassagne has already found his way to fisheries on the West Coast with Damiki Baits, River2Sea and more.  BAM has tested the tidal waters of the California Delta with fishing guides Aaron LeSieur and Rick Rudd, they have hopped frogs across private ponds such as Kelsey Bass Ranch and trekked across the border for some monsters out of Mexico’s waters.

For those new to Bass Angler, it is a quarterly, print publication that has broken into the multimedia aspect of modern social media, offering iPhone, iPad and Android apps and videos as well as QR codes.    With more than two decades under their belt, BAM has become a bass angling staple in over 4500 retail outlets across the country and Canada and can even be found in the newsstands of Japan.

The Bass Angler writers come from the world of bass fishing and now BAM has found another way to feature that up close and personal, grass roots approach to journalism, photography and videography of the sport with BAM WoW.

Whether it is a new bait, some new gear, a great local fishing hole or simply your bass fishing prowess, don’t miss a chance to showcase what you have to offer to the industry with BAM WoW.

If you would like to host a BAM WoW, contact Mark Lassagne at mark@bassanglermag.com.


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