Sunstream V-Lift Accessories

Sunstream Boat Lifts, the leading manufacturer of high-quality boat lifts and hoists, announced today an exciting line of accessories for its award- winning V-Lift. Responding to consumer demand for the hugely popular new lift category, Sunstream now offers new accessories for securing, powering, upgrading, locking and outfitting a lift. With the addition of these V-Lift enhancements, boaters around the world can further customize their V-Lift to fit their boat or individual docking needs.

The Sunstream V-Lift, the next generation of air-displacement lifts, greatly expands the use of boat lifts by offering a more practical, portable, leak resistant, higher performance and more cost effective solution for most sport, ski, pontoon and fishing boats. The V-Lift employs a quad-blower and electric valve system to launch a vessel in approximately seventy-five seconds and lift in two minutes simply by pressing up or down buttons on a keychain-sized remote control. The lightweight solution operates in as little as three feet of water, and is the first free-floating boat lift to fit a ten-foot wide or larger slip. Since the V-Lift is simply side-tied using dock lines, the lift has no leveling brackets and applies no vertical load to the dock. Complementing Sunstream’s signature dock-with-ease design, the new Sunstream V-Lift provides the highest level of security and peace of mind by employing four independent air tanks and a Tank Monitoring System (TMS) that automatically fills the air tanks if a leak is detected. Easy to assemble by customers in as little as a half hour without using any tools, the innovative lift has the capability to be expanded for use with 7,000 to 11,000-pound vessels by adding another pair of air tank pods.

“We are thrilled to redefine a category by delivering the world’s most versatile and innovative air displacement lift.” said Ken Hey, president, Sunstream Boat Lifts. “Our new V-Lift accessories provide add-ons and enhancements that will not only please current and prospective owners, but allow those with unique requirements to easily customize this affordable lift to deliver a personalized Sunstream customer experience that rivals that of more expensive lifts on the market. The V-Lift provides a fast, high quality lift experience at an affordable price.  Our wide range of accessories adds the personal touch to meet those objectives.”

Sunstream’s exciting new accessories feature a range of products for extending the utility and customizing the installation of a V-Lift. Feature accessories include a Tournament Boat Fit Kit, which enables easy hands-free docking with four guides for inboard / ski boats; a Motor and Skeg Stop accessory which automatically positions the boat accurately fore and aft, further easing docking for tournament boats; and a Shallow Water Roller Kit that enables the V-Lift to be installed in water as shallow as 32-inches, making the V-Lift the shallowest air displacement lift on the market. Other new accessories include a Solar kit, Widening Kit, Underwater Lighting, Lid Lock Kit, and a kit to upgrade a VL7 (7,000-pound V-Lift) to a VL11 (11,000-pound V-Lift).

The Sunstream V-Lift and V-Lift accessories are available for purchase from select authorized Sunstream dealers worldwide. For more information on lift accessories, the innovative V-Lift, Sunstream, dealership opportunities or its complete line of high quality boat lifts and accessories, please call 1-253-395-0500 or visit

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