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BAM 2013 Summer Issues Confidence Article

An unidentified person in close proximity – possibly the BASS cameraman – asked Larry to talk about the fish.  Laughing, Larry said, “Talk?!  Man, I can’t even breathe.”  It was an honest moment to which any competitive bass angler or otherwise could well-relate, yet it was somber compared to the emotional releases so common in the sport today.

What made the moment intense was Larry’s calmness and focus.  The viewer could recognize the importance of the moment, and could feel the tension without it being


BAM 2013 Summer Issue Article with Bobby Barrack

In BAM’s ongoing Swimbait Secrets of the Pros, we typically take a look at tips from several pro anglers. In this issue, we take a stop at the California Delta with the Frog Master Bobby Barrack. Don’t let the toad title fool you. He may be well-known for his namesake Snag Proof inventions, but Barrack isn’t a one-trick pony and froggy times aside, he knows how to fill a well with big ones bitin’ a swimbait. Barrack was willing to share such a wealth of information, he filled the whole summer issue with his tips, tricks and swimmer mods to help BAM readers get more and bigger bass in the boat.



BAM 2013 Summer Issue story behind the sceens at YamamotoIn Japanese, Senko translates to “flash”. That was the original intent of Yamamoto’s jerkbait plan – flutter and flash. In the end, what he got was the most sought after plastic in the company’s line – the Senko. Although they manufacture and sell, a multitude of lures, the Senko, by far, is the fisherman’s fave. “It is voted #1 over and over, stated Colby. “For example, it’s always no. 1 in the Field & Stream popular bait surveys. It’s just easy to use. It really energized the following for the





BAM 2013 Summer Issue story on spinnerbait fishing “Water clarity also plays a part in blade choice,” he added. “In clear water, I like white or chrome blades. In stained water, I want a gold blade or sometimes a white blade and in muddy water, black is best. You can change your blades types and colors several times in a day to be most productive.

Like, when I am on Lake Havasu in the Colorado River System, first thing in the morning, I may start with a white or white and chartreuse. As the day goes on and it is clear, I may follow the forage with a chrome blade and a





BAM 2013 Summer Umbrella rig article

Riggin’ tips from Mah included using a rod with a longer handle that allows you to swing it. “This can be fished with lighter jig heads and used as it is designed with a little more of a finessy-type technique,” he added. “Because it is so light, you can use a medium-heavy rod with a little bit of tip. Mostly, I fell the umbrella rig is about cadence and pace of your retrieve. I used to cast it and reel it back slow. I wasn’t taking into account the speed and erratic behavior of a bait ball. Now, I realize that is what I am trying to create with this lure, that fleeing appearance and imparting






Season Specific Articles