Strike Pro Hunchback Lure

New from the Strike Pro lure stable comes these awesome performing Hunchback lures. These mean looking lures have an incredible action, suitable for a huge variety of both freshwater and saltwater species.
Available in two different Floating models, one dives to 5 feet plus (up to 10 feet deep) with the other a Shallow runner staying just below the surface.
With tensile test strength of 9kg, these lures weigh in at between 10.4g and 13.1g, with a length of 6.8cm.


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  1. Aryadi says:

    witch is why i carry at least 2 rods with me each with a different lures but you knew that Dave but you fiinshg fans can benefit from this see you on the watertony g

  2. Greg Cohen says:

    As Strike Pro pro staffer Billy Howell said at the show, cast and “burn back” this wake bait for an ambush strike.

  3. That is one great looking lure, Like many of the colors that are posted. Be leave that lure could do great justice on the water.

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