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BASS ANGLER Magazine is a MUST-HAVE TOOL for bass anglers of all levels.

Published quarterly, BASS ANGLER Magazine provides more information than any other bass fishing magazine. Each issue has an astounding 30+ articles exploring the best in: how-to’s, seasonal tactics, destinations and the most current trends in bass fishing, helping any angler catch more fish.

Over 100 fishing tips in this issue!

Fall 2011 (Vol. 20 Issue #4) Within this issue of BASS ANGLER you’ll find Fred Roumbanis’ journey to the Elites, how-to’s on fishing a jerkbait and trolling for bass, the meaning of moon phases, information on how the bass’ sense of hearing effects the catch rate, the secrets of scent effectiveness, Jeff Kriet on lipless crankin, big bass bitin’ small swimbaits, what to look for in late season topwater and much more.

Pick up a copy today and see why BASS ANGLER Magazine is the finest bass fishing publication available. Visit for more information.

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