Fall Cover 2013

BAM_2013_3 Fall_Images copyAs the fall weather approaches, the water
is cooling and the bass are schooling.

We follow Ike with his early and late patterns
and dig into deep crankin’ with John Crews.
We are guided by Greg Hackney to own Plan B
and get a peek at three baits responsible for 40lb limits
and double-digit bass.

We also take a look at lure confidence, fall night fishing,
blade baits for smallies, swimbait tricks plus another 20
great articles and as an added bass bonus, we feature 18
fall fishing videos.

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Despite his big catch coming with a rig known for its simplistic presentation of lobbing and hauling, he said getting schooling bass to bite requires an understanding of location, lure and presentation. Maiden, N.C., angler Hank Cherry agrees. He used his knowledge of schooling bass to. . .








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As a stream of ginormous bass, landmark limits and numerous double-digits flooded the uploads of a small Northern California bait company’s posts, it became clear that the product offerings of Johnny C’s California Reservoir Lures (CRL) were on the menu of the big, big fish and catching bass around the country. . .








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When hardcore smallmouth anglers mention blade bait, they are not referring to a spinnerbait as some largemouth bass anglers may believe.  This blade is not a rotating willow, Indiana or Colorado above a skirted head.  Rather this blade is the body of the lure itself . . .









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Elite Series Pro Greg Hackney, a fan favorite from Gonzales, LA has banked over $1.4 million bucks in tournament winnings and qualified for eleven Bassmaster Classics. He has made his fortune by skillfully formulating a game plan in practice, but also having contingency plans in place in case something goes awry. He says that more often than not, it’s been his Plan B or even Plan C that’s been a key to his success.

Knowing when to make a change is a huge part of the puzzle for pros like Hackney. At what time Plan A is failing they have to use sound judgment as to when to go to Plan B. . .







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As a 7th grader, Evers’ dad allowed him to get his first boat. The first bass catching vessel that Evers put to work was a Bass Tracker V-17 with a 40 Hp Johnson that he later upgraded to a 75 Hp Merc.  He was maneuvering a boat long before he was old enough to apply for a driver’s license.”We lived in a one bedroom apartment on Lake Bridgeport in Bridgeport, Texas and we kept that boat in a slip on the lake,” he remembered. . .








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“Even though we know their winter journey is on their mind, they still have to eat and so we can still catch ’em, but we fish for them differently now,” he stated. “We know they winter in the deepest, most vertical breaks relative to. . .




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