bam_2013_4 winterSpringboard your bass fishing to the next level with Bass Angler!"/>

Current Issue – WINTER 2014

bam_2013_4 winterSpringboard your bass fishing to the next level with Bass Angler!

Follow along as we continue our tradition of being the most informative bass magazine ever printed.

In this issue you will find articles on: wintertime jerkbaits, advanced Float N’ Fly techniques, building a bass jig, locating and catching winter spots with Cody Meyer, Ike, Crews, Williamson and Palaniuk each share their own wintertime secrets.

If we stopped here it would be just like your standard bass mag but there’s more… lots more. Just take a look below to see the full list of articles in this issue.

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Writer Topic 2013 Winter  Category
Mark Fong Advanced Float N Fly Techniques Technique Specific
Bill Kohls Bass Gold Information
Tim Rachoy Breaking the Ice for Bass Season Specific
Ken McBroom Build Your Own Bass Jig Information
Jody Only DIY Pro Tip – Rod Tips Information
Kirk Rossi Dollars and Sense Information
John Warren Color Confidence Information
Scotty Peterson Drop Shot Updates Technique Specific
Michele Fanfani Fishing in Italy Information
Jody Only Gary Klein Old and New Season Specific
Darl Black Hair Jigs for Smallies Technique Specific
Jody Only IKE – Out of the Norm  Season Specific
Jody Only Jerkbaits with Kevin Hawk Season Specific
Jody Only John Crews – Seasonal Season Specific
Tim Rachoy Outside the Winter Box Season Specific
Jody Only Palaniuk One – Two Winter Punch Season Specific
Troy Linder Peaceful Fishing Warrior Tournament Trail
Jody Only Pick a Prop Information
Colby Simms SOB Winter Fishing Information
Jody Only Spotted Bass Fever Season Specific
Jody Only Subtle Differences with John Murray Information
Jim Zaleski The Co-Angler Part I Tournament Trail
Richard Ziert The New Thermocline Information
Josh Douglas The Thankless Tackle Box Information
Bill Kohls The Three P’s Tournament Trail
Rob Bryant The Winter Bank with Ish Monroe Season Specific
Jud Browder Winter Guide to Texas Bass Season Specific
Will Petty Winter Jerkbait Tip and Tricks Season Specific
Glenn Walker Winter Jerkbaits Lessons Technique Specific
Rob Bryant Winter Worming with Jason Williamson Season Specific



bam_2013_4 winter96

I have caught my best bass when it was about 20 degrees outside and snowing. Winter bass are going to be time consuming and tedious to catch and you may only get one or two bites for the day. A lot of times, this is true, but those bites are going to be big bites.

bam_2013_4 winter76

BAM will traverse each season with Bassmaster Elite Series pro John Crews who will crack the code on the early and late portions of winter, spring, fall and summer. “A lot of people think of winter and think of a jig,” said the Virginia pro. “A jig is a good lure and catches fish, but here are some other interesting perspectives on winter fishing.”

bam_2013_4 winter72

So, we stayed aboard and asked Ike for an encore seasonal adventure, this time focusing on “the not so traveled path” – a lure or two that he uses that aren’t the mainstay or typical choice.

bam_2013_4 winter43

The amount of options that an angler has when buying a jerkbait may seem endless, but here are some jerkbait options to help aid you when you are looking to fill your box with some new jerkbaits.

bam_2013_4 winter31

When air temperatures dip and the nights turn frosty, we envision heading south of the border for giant Mexican bass.

Tactics and techniques vary, but the best way to go for oversized bass is to upsize presentations

bam_2013_4 winter27

His year-round employment of the hard-bodied, shallow-diving, slim line minnow bait has given him a detailed insight of the lure and how to fish it. Here, he shares his hot tips for cold water rippin’.

bam_2013_4 winter14

Prey to the bass is virtually anything that moves.  When their attitude is right, bass aren’t fussy about detail – color or otherwise.  Thus, mood must be the primary characteristic controlling how bass will be caught.




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