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Packing for an outdoor adventure can be a challenge. Buying comfortable shoes, durable clothes and the right gear is necessary, but what about food to help get you through the day? The best foods are lightweight, nonperishable, packed with nutrients and easy to prepare.

GoBites, a portion-controlled, all-natural snack delivery service (most products under 200 calories) offers more than 25 varieties, sent directly to one’s home is the perfect addition to a backpack.  Packed with nutrients and proteins, GoBites packs of nuts and fruits can be delivered on weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis  (in packages of 14; subscriptions start at $27.86). The grab-and-go packages can be customized by dietary needs (Diabetic, Gluten Free, Paleo, Heart Healthy, etc.) and includes a variety of exotic ingredients (organic cavendish bananas, Sri Lankan jack fruit, white figs, mulberries, monukka raisins, Balinese cacao nibs, rambutan and more).


Using only Mother Nature’s finest ingredients, GoBites is the perfect snack pack for the adventure enthusiast.

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- Snacks include wholesome nuts, seeds and grains, fruits and exotic berries
- Are portion controlled “snack packs” made from all-natural ingredients
from around the world
- Ingredients are 100% natural and USDA Certified Organic wherever

- Offers over 25 varieties of snacks
* 25 are vegetarian
* 22 are made with 100% USDA Organic ingredients
* 22 are Vegan
* 21 are free of wheat ingredients
* 22 are low in sodium
* 20 are either a good source of fiber or an excellent source of fiber
* 21 are Mediterranean Diet friendly
* 14 are Paleo friendly

- Works with a variety of diets including: Mediterranean, Glycemic Index, High Fiber and Gluten Free
- Never adds preservatives or artificial substances
- Never adds sugar or oil to the dried fruit
- Nuts and seeds are either raw or dry roasted and never have any oil added to them
- Boxes contain 14 nutritionist designed snack packs
- Are made with slow-releasing foods that help maintain stable blood sugar levels between meals
- Snacks are filled with nutrient-dense ingredients to avoid eating empty calories
- Products are high in dietary fiber and healthy fats
- Subscriptions start at: $27.86 a month, with free delivery
- Can be customized to deliver every week, every two weeks or every four weeks
- For more information, visit

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