Showdown at Folsom Lake!

Popular “Capitol City” Lake to decide Navionics and AOY titles

Central Valley AOY leaders – Benny Broom/Travis Huckaby

GRANITE BAY, Ca. – The drama of the legendary gunfight at OK corral will have nothing on the upcoming showdown between the teams vying for the prestigious Navionics Cup and Angler of the year titles that are now up for grabs in the Thunder Valley Outdoors/Future Pro Tour’s last two events of the 2011 season.

And with only weeks remaining before those events take place, it remains to be seen if the teams leading the pack – or those within striking distance, will be seduced into a feeling that they have “home field advantage” or approach this all-important event with over-confidence and preconceived notions or assumptions.

“It’s a good thing that we know nothing about Folsom Lake, nor have we ever been there”, noted central valley angler Travis Huckaby, who with team partner Benny Broom, currently sit on top of the Angler of the year points race in the central valley region. Because we have no history on the lake, and don’t really know what to expect, we are simply going to do our homework, break the lake down into manageable pieces, and do our very best to capture the AOY title for the central valley region”.

The team of Rush and Trimble stumbled a bit in the last event, causing a shift in the standings and moving them into second place. But even with the setback, they aren’t conceding anything to anybody.

“The reason we did so well in this year’s delta event (which they won), was that we did not let the venue get into our heads. Which lets us know that anything can happen come tournament day and you just have to be ready for it – and we will be ready for Folsom”.

2011 Navionics Cup

Jim Markham/Paul Parks – Holding onto a sizable points lead in northern region

And while the Angler of the Year title in the northern region is virtually locked up by River2Sea promotional team Jim Markham and Paul Parks, the 2011 Navionics Cup title – for the northern region is far from a done deal.

The team of Bryant Smith and David Pearl currently lead the race, but only by 14 points, and the team that sits behind them, Tony Koregelos and Michael O’Neil are counting on their knowledge of Folsom lake, proven by their 5th place finish at our Folsom Lake spring event, to put them in a position to overtake the leaders and take home the 2011 Navionics Cup crown.

“The Navionics Cup program is awesome”, noted Tony, and we are fortunate to fish in a organization the provides anglers with an opportunity to represent – on a promotion team level,  one of the industries major players such as Navionics Corporation. We use the Navionics product extensively, and it has without question been a major factor in our fishing success this year.”

Come join the fun!

Again, the last event of the year for both regions will be: Folsom lake for the Northern region on Oct 8th, going out of Granite Bay, and for the central region, Oct 15th on Folsom Lake.

For those of you that want a chance to complete against a large field of amateur-level anglers, while enjoying the experience, fun, and festivities of a large scale venue – for only a nominal entry fee of just $90 per team, come on out and join us for either one of these final season events.

We can’t guarantee that you will catch fish… be we can guarantee that you will have a bunch of fun trying!

See you all there!


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