Revolutionize Your Fishing Knowledge

What could you do with a new lure that “sees what your bait sees” and then lets you “see” what happened?

What could you do with that kind of first hand visual information information? This unbelievable bait has the capability to record exactly what a bait could see, if a bait could see. From the cast to the catch-the entire journey from the conditions to the near misses, the enticement of the bass, the strike or the miss.

When something of interest happens, the lure automatically records the event, and upon surfacing, sends video and data via your iPhone to a social network or emails it wireless and hands-free while you stay on the hot spot.

What could you do with that kind of information? How could you improve your retrieve, your cadence, your cast placement? Where could you linger longer to tempt a bite? What patterns could you perfect?

Think about it; but not too long-there is a time limit to get in on this fishing tool. Think you cannot afford it? It’s cheaper than a GoPro and way less than an electronics unit.

To find out more visit the Fish Nature Lure (FNL) website. Don’t delay less than 30 days to a possible launch.

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