Petition for West Point Lake

The LaGrange-Troup County Chamber of Commerce is pulling out all the steps to help west lake petitionWest Point Lake.

A petition on already had more than 90 signatures Friday asking the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers not to change the lake’s guide curve, the schedule it uses to draw down the lake for the winter months.

A proposal from the corps is calling for the draw down to begin in September instead of November, effectively shortening the lake’s summer season by two months.

The chamber, city and county officials issued a “call for action” earlier this week, asking residents to inundate the corps with letters before a Jan. 14 deadline for public comments.

“Every time someone signs the petition, the corps gets an e-mail,” said Page Estes, chamber president. “We want to bombard them.”

An email about the petition, which began circulating on Facebook on Thursday, was sent to chamber members Friday morning.

• The petition may be found at

Read more: LaGrange News – Petition for West Point Lake on change org

The story and the press conference by the Mayor and County Chair


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