Over $30k cash payout…a chance to win a vehicle…for a $75 per day entry?

jpegBETHEL ISLAND, Ca – If you simply LOVE to fish for bass, and want to do it in a fun, yet competitive environment – with a chance to win lots of cash, then  you simply do not want to miss out on the annual Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge! coming back to the California delta May 4th and 5th at Russo’s Marina for the third consecutive year.

How much more simple can it be?

·         Anglers of all ages, and skill levels can participate

·         No membership fee is required

·         Low cost entry fee of only $75 per day

·         You can have as many people in the boat as the US Coast Guard regulations allow

·         The event is being held on a body of water that is relatively CLOSE to home for many and considered by most to be the best bass fishery in the U.S.

·         The event is being held at a time of year where the weather and the bite should be fantastic

·         Every hour – on the hour, for 6 hours, for 2 days, cash prizes will be given out to the 5 biggest bass of each hour, representing 60 checks being paid out!

·         The top 12 biggest fish winners will have a chance at drawing for a Grand Prize of $10,000*

·         The OVERALL big fish of the event will receive $3,000* for the overall big fish

·         The top 25 big fish winners will automatically qualify for the Coors Light Delta Open Teams Championship for a chance to win a new Jeep Patriot!

So what are you waiting on?!! Get off that couch and call the Angler’s Press offices TODAY to get signed up and be part of the biggest event of the year….the Yamamoto BIG BASS Challenge!

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*visit anglerspress.com for payout information

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