Ordering Signs!

Restore the Delta Action Alert

Save the delta signs

We have 1000 new signs!  All back orders will be filled this week.

When ordering signs PLEASE DO NOT email Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla directly.  Your order will most likely disappear into the ethers due to incoming volumes of emails.

DO Email info@restorethedelta.org to place your order, and use our donation link to place your sign donation on-line.

4 foot by 8 foot banners are also available for a $120 donation.

Send us your best “Save the Delta! Stop the Tunnels!” photos by August 30th!  Best three photos will win cool Delta related prizes and will be distributed to California press.

Only requirements:  your photo must be “G” rated.  And we must know how to reach you!

Send photos to info@restorethedelta.org

Membership questions/donation questions should be directed to Stina Va, Stina@restorethedelta.org.  If you send these questions to Barbara, they will also disappear into the ethers.

We also thank you, our wonderful members, for being patient with us as we respond to inquiries presently.  Our incoming volumes have forced us to redirect emails and calls internally.  We believe that all bugs should be worked out over the next 10 days.





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