Omni-Heat™ Squall Line™ Parka & Bib Big

Big boats and big weather patterns mean one thing – you better be bringing home a big catch. The Omni-Heat™
Squall Line™ Parka features our hardest working cold and wet weather technologies to keep you comfortable and in the game no matter what kind of storm in on the horizon. Low-profile thermal reflective lining boosts heat retention by 20% without adding bulk to keep you super mobile and seriously warm in rough conditions. The Omni-Tech™ waterproof breathable and fully seam sealed exterior battens down the hatches, locking the elements out while allowing body heat and moisture to escape so you stay perfectly comfortable and dry. The Squall Line™ is interchange compatible so you can use it with any of your existing Columbia Interchange linings. Omni-Heat™: With the introduction of our Omni-Heat™ thermal reflective technology, we’ve raised the game for hardcore fisherman in search of weather-defying performance. By retaining and reflecting body heat, this innovative thermoregulation solution delivers industry-leading comfort without adding unnecessary bulk, so you can bait, cast, and reel your way through every weather pattern.







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