Official Chevrolet Solar Bat Glasses


Solar Bat Chevrolet sunglasses are GM Officially Licensed Products and made in the USA.  The line includes five different frame styles with two of the styles also available in prescription.  The lenses have PNVXD optics designed by owner and optometrist, Dr. Gary Nesty, in 2010.  PNVXD optics stands for Prescribed Natural Vision with Extra Definition.  Dr. Nesty states, “I designed front and back surface curve variations with lens thickness changes to maximize visual performance no matter what the direction of gaze.  This means that the PNVXD optics will actually improve visual acuity, depth perception and peripheral vision in glare situations.  I called on my knowledge of optics, as a Doctor of Optometry, to design the ultimate lens for visual performance in the outdoors.”  PNVXD lenses also feature the maximum in polarization and filter all wavelengths of UV.  Lenses have a double thickness scratch coating on the front and back surfaces for durability.  The polarizing film is not glued on the front surface but encapsulated within the molded PNVXD lens. Lenses are available in gray or amber polarized tints. See the full line of Solar Bat Chevrolet sunglasses at or call for a catalog at 800-761-8228.

Chevy Style 1003 Solar Bat

  • TR90 frame for ultimate comfort
  • Stainless steel screws to resist corrosion
  • Frame and lenses designed by optometrist and owner Dr. Gary Nesty
  • Design consultants include a variety of sports professionals
  • Proprietary PNVXD optics for extra definition and enhanced depth perception
  • PNVXD lenses resist fogging and are 10 times more impact resistant at 25% the weight of glass lenses
  • Proprietary EMP polarization is encapsulated within the lens never to peel or scratch off
  • EMP affords the ultimate in polarization and blocks all harmful UV wavelengths
  • PNVXD lenses surpass U.S. government standards for impact resistance
  • Double thickness scratch resistant coating on front and back lens surfaces






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