NorCal90 Tournaments 2014

6 LOW ENTRY FEE team style events starting in Nov. 2013 and ending in May of 2014. We will not have a Team Event in January due to the fact that we will be having a Pro/Am style event on Jan. 4th/5th 2014. Our goal is to bring the fun back to fishing tournaments, as well as a little competition, with the possibility of taking home a little cash while you are enjoying the limited amount of time we get doing something we all love. At this time there is no plan for a TOC, making it possible for people to fish with whomever they wish whenever they wish.

There will be a $130 Entry Fee, that includes BigFish.  $100 of each entry will go towards the 1-5 basic payback and $10 will go to the BigFish 1-25 payback ( making the payback 85% for the time being, our goal is to get our events to a 90% payback by the 3rd year). There will be some options (100% payback of course) for those that want to participate in them, these will be kept separate from the basic payback and when the results are sent out (as they are immediately following each event) there will be a copy of the sign-up sheet showing boat #’s with the options that they entered.  This will allow each team to see that their monies were all accounted for as well as the breakdown of the options for that event. This is going to be a fun yet competitive type circuit that is open to all skill levels, whether you have never cashed a check fishing before or if you have won a million dollars fishing  tournaments (who could that be?????) . We look forward to seeing all of you in the near future.

Here are the Dates for the 2014 Season:

2 Nov. 2013

7 Dec. 2013

1 Feb. 2014

1 Mar. 2014

5th/6th Apr. 2014  (atleast Sat, maybe Sun. as well???)

3 May. 2014


Pro/Am – January 4th/5th 2014


For more information please call: NorCal90 at  530-589-2601




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