NEW OKUMA RODS by Scott Martin

Scott MartinOntario, CA: Scott Martin attributes his success as a professional angler to versatility. Instead of a master of one technique, his goals include the highest level of proficiency from technique to technique, water body to water body. But versatility for Martin does not stop at simply attracting strikes. He’s keenly aware that it takes fish in the live well to win. Within the development of allnew TCS (Tournament Concept Series) bass rods, Martin’s designs deliver aconcise set of tourready rods that not only focus on power and sensitivity, but also casting accuracy, maintaining hook hold, and supreme balance to ward off fatigue.

With At the core of all Scott Martin TCS rods are 40-Ton carbon fiber blanks. As Martin describes it, knowledge is power, and being able to feel and understand every bump and tap a lure makes, or respond to every move a fish makes, allows him to respond correctly. Even the crankbait rod is 40-Ton carbon fiber.  In Martin’s game plan, there’s no application for fiberglass.

The guide systems feature incredibly strong ALPS stainless steel guide frames on both spinning and casting rods. Casting rod guides are placed micro guide style, but utilize intermediate guide sizes for knot clearance. It’s a winning scenario for Martin, delivering the control and sensitivity of micro guides with the flexibility to splice in leaders as necessary and have the knots clear guide system easily. As a signature piece, flipping and Mat Daddy models include unique guide spacing for working the line between the first and second guide instead of between the reel and first guide. The result is easier, more accurate flipping.

The handle systems place a premium on comfort and utility. Whether spinning or casting, there are no exposed reel seat threads. Ultralight, ultracomfortable EVA grips are edge protected by durable composite cork. Hook keepers are placed in the split grip area for versatility, and use a custom clip system that holds hooks, as well as tames drop shot weights when necessary.

In contrast to rod actions that lure consumers with the promise of everincreasing speed, TCS rods embrace moderatefast actions nearly throughout. For Martin, super fast rods are better in tackle shops than they are on the water. “The actions load properly for their intended casting weights,” says Martin, “They cast more accurately and when a fish is hooked, the rods stays loaded, which is key to getting the fish all the way to the boat.”

Thirteen models, with a national perspective on tournament angling, complete the TCS lineup.  Included with each rod is the Okuma Limited Lifetime warranty. MSRP ranges from $129.99 to $149.99.



As a specialty rod for jerkbaits and crankbaits in and around docks and shoreline structure, the shorter length of the TCS-C-661M was designed for casting accuracy and precise control over the presentation. A moderate/fast action loads smoothly, delivering consistent casting that makes hitting small targets effortless. Scott’s rigging includes 8- to 10-pound mono or fluoro for jerkbaits, 10- to 15-pound for crankbaits.


To say a massive selection of rods is absolutely necessary to success is bad information. Certain combinations of bass rod length, action and power are incredibly capable of multi[1]tasking and represent those rods that professional anglers will have multiples of on the deck of their boats.The TCS-C-691MH is one such rod. In a length that bridges great control around structure with extended casting distance in open water, Scott rigs this rod with 14-pound line to fish spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, square bill crankbaits and jigs and plastics as the need arises.


A seven-foot version of the TCS-C-661M+, the extra length here adds casting distance for open water and clear water applications where longer casts are rewarded with more fish. The moderate/fast rod action and medium+ power is tailored to jerkbaits and crankbaits.


Like the TCS-C-691MH, the TCS-C-701MH also focuses on versatility. Its longer 7-foot length excels in open water environments, as well as delivering more fish-extracting leverage in heavy cover where getting them out quickly is the difference between a landed fish and a broken line.


An essential rod for pitching and casting jigs and worms in weights ranging from 3/8 to 3/4 ounce, the TCS-C-701H covers a lot of water with 12 to 17 pound mono/fluorocarbon or up to 50 pound braid. The TCS701H is also Scott’s choice for buzzbaits and big spinnerbaits. Heavy power with moderate/fast action drives hooks deep and keeps them stuck.


At 7’3” in length, the TCS-C-731H extends casting distance for frogs, swimbaits and jigs while still being able to skip baits beneath docks or pick apart shoreline structure when necessary. Scott’s ideal rigging includes 17 to 20 pound mono or 50 to 65 pound braid.


A great heavy cover jig rod and flipping rod for soft creature baits, the TCS-C-761H features Scott’s Signature Flippin’ Guide setup. With the stripper guide placed much closer to the reel, the presentation is controlled by handling the line between the first and second rod guide. The system maximizes efficiency, accuracy and distance while minimizing errant tangles on reel handles and the like. The smooth and balanced rod blank has none of the frustrating “spring” commonly associated with flippin’ rods. Best with 20 flourocarbon or 65 pound braid.


At a full 7’11” in length, the TCS-C-711MH is for large, deep diving crankbaits. Think target depths of 17 to 22 feet, ledges, open water humps and deep submerged points. The rod blank has tons of inherent power to set the large hooks on big lures and the beautifully progressive action protect Scott’s preferred 120 pound fluorocarbon for this application.


Affectionately deemed the “Mat Daddy” rod, this is the choice for heavy cover, big flippin’ baits and big bass. Includes the Signature Flippin’ Guide setup for greatly improved efficiency, accuracy and distance. An extra long rear grip increases leverage and casting distance when throwing big swimbaits, A Rigs.25-pound mono or 65 pound braid will be the norm here.


Like the 711H, the TCS-C-711XH is also a “Mat Daddy” rod, in this case the design is for the thickest and heaviest cover, and the largest fish.





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