New Magic Carpet Vanishes Dirt, Sand & Dust from Outdoor Activities

Whether you are a camping and RV enthusiast, a self-proclaimed beach bum, or a parent trying to keep yourself and the kids clean at the park or soccer games, CGear’s Sand-Free Mat and Sand-Free Rug are the modern world’s technological replacements for the picnic blanket. Originally developed for military applications, the unique patented construction of the Sand-Free Mat and Sand-Free Rug allows sand & dirt to fall through the weave without coming back up, creating a sand, dirt and dust-free environment.

CGear Sand-Free does not have to replace your beach towel, yoga mat or picnic blanket in all situations. You can lay your towel in the middle of the CGear Sand-Free Mat or Sand-Free Rug creating a dirt and sand-free zone around you, or sit on the Sand-Free Mat or Rug itself.

CGear Sand-Free products use a dual layer dust abatement design that keeps sand and dirt from rising to the top because of the law of gravity, and because the multiple layers create too much resistance for the particles to seep through.

The CGear Sand-Free Mat has D-rings positioned around its perimeter so it can be staked down into the earth, making it ideal for camping or as a ground cover outside of RVs. Available in three sizes, small (6×6 feet), medium (8×8) and large (10×10) and two colors, blue or orange, the starting MSRP for the CGear Sand-Free Mat is $49.99.

Designed to be more portable, the CGear Sand-Free Rug has a smooth top layer so it can be directly laid or sat on comfortably. Crafted from resilient materials, the CGear Sand-Free Rug will not absorb moisture or dirt making it the ideal blanket to keep in the car for the beach, picnics, soccer games or any other outdoor activities. Clean up is breeze you simply spray it down with a hose. No machine washing is necessary. Available in one, two or four-person sizes (a small is 3’4’’x 6’6”, medium is 5’1”x 6’6” and a large is 6’6” x 6’6”) and four colors and designs, the starting MSRP for the CGear Sand-Free Rug is $44.99.


The CGear Sand-Free Rug and Sand-Free Mat are available at Dick’s Sporting Goods stores and online at

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