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We all know and love the characters Henry Winkler plays in his acting life, so it’s not hard to believe that he’s an equally enjoyable fellow off screen. To truly get to know him, though, one must understand that he is dedicated to two things in life: his family and fly-fishing. For the first time, Winkler offers readers a glimpse at his life off camera and explores these twin passions in his new book I’ve Never Met an Idiot on the River. A blend of memoir, life lessons, and fisherman philosophy, this charming read is an endearing collection of wisdom which Henry has gleaned while on the river and a candid look at the life of one of America’s most celebrated comic actors.

As an accomplished fly-fisherman, Winkler records the stats of every catch and snaps a picture with each fish before putting them back in the water. But he’s learned that his yearly trips are not just about hooking trout; they’re about adopting the proper perspective on life.  Or, as Winkler puts it, the river acts as a “washing machine for my brain,” recharging him and reminding him that anything is possible.

Winkler makes a habit of sharing his angling adventures with his wife, Stacey, and their three children, Jed, Zoe, and Max. An established pastime, the Winklers’ annual trip to the river has brought them together as a family. As Winkler explains, these yearly expeditions have allowed him to learn the value of listening (to both his family and the

fish, of course), appreciate the support his wife and children give him, and even develop the confidence to publish some of his outdoor photography in his first non-fiction book.

An expression of the inherent optimism that goes along with the simplicity of life in the outdoors, I’ve Never Met an Idiot on the River is a friendly invitation to share in the realizations, achievements—and, yes, fish!—that Henry Winkler has found on the river. Hopefully it can help you catch a few of your own, too.

This whimsical memoir hits bookshelves on May 1 just in time for summer travel and Father’s Day.

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Henry Winkler is an actor, producer, director, and author.  He is probably best known for his role as the Fonz in the 1970s U.S. television sitcom Happy Days. His fishing exploits have been featured on Fly Fishing the World and he regularly recounts them during his speaking engagements around the country.  He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Stacey, their three children, and two dogs.



“Reading this book is like having a great conversation with my friend Henry.  While telling stories about time spent on the river, he covers a lot of emotional territory with humor, wisdom, and visual beauty.  It really makes me want to go fishin’, too.”


- Ron Howards, Filmaker

“The most entertaining and introspective fly-fishing memoir I have ever read.”

- David Ondaatje, filmmaker and owner, R.L. Winston Rod Company

“Henry Winkler has become a true fly-fisherman and anyone who reads his eloquent words will gain an appreciation of why this sport is so pure and perfect.  His stories and thoughts remind me why I love fly-fishing so much.”

- John Barrett, host, Fly Fishing the World

“Henry Winkler and I share a love of the outdoors and fishing. This is a great book that captures the impact the sport can have on our lives.  All outdoorsmen should read it and experience Winkler’s passion for the fishing experience.”

- T. Boone Pickens, legendary energy executive and FLW investor

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