ABT Hybrid Shad

ABT Lure Company’s new “ABT Hybrid Shad” combines the enticing action of a swimbait with the diving qualities of a crankbait to help you put more and bigger bass on the boat.

One of ABT’s “Next Generation” Series lures, this 3 1/2-inch, two-section jointed hardbait dives five to seven feet and effectively mimics the look and swimming motion of a real forage fish. According to ABT President Allen Borden, the ABT Hybrid Shad is similar to the popular King Shad lure he created for Strike King some five years ago, but its slightly smaller size and enhanced design allows for better action. “We conducted extensive research and on-the-water testing to make the new ABT Hybrid Shad even more irresistable to bass than my original creation,” Borden said.

The aesthetics of the ABT Hybrid Shad are also superior, thanks to a “Natural Image Transfer” process that perfectly replicates the patterns and colors of various prey species. Choices include: rainbow trout, blueback herring, threadfin shad, chartreuse shad, baby bass and splatter back.

Every ABT Hybrid Shad is also built to last. While most hard swimbait manufacturers use plastic to connect the jointed sections of their baits, ABT uses steel hinges for rugged, reliable performance over the long haul. The ABT hybrid Shad’s hooks are also strong, as well as laser sharp.

Another noteworthy feature of the ABT Hybrid Shad is its affordability. With an MSRP of $11.99, this incredibly productive lure is priced to fit the budget of any serious bass angler.

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Length Weight Depth
3 ½” 1/2 oz. Dives 5-7 ft.


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