NEW ‘IMAGED’ Ultraviolet Weedless Spoon

After over two years of testing and research involving digital imaging and ultraviolet paints, Persuader American Angling of Danville, California, is introducing its new line of Persuader ‘Imaged’ Unltraviolet Weedless Spoons.  These spoons feature actual photo images of three bait fish, i.e. shad, shiner and crappie.  Three images are finished in natural color and three with a chartreuse background.

All spoons are available with ultraviolet paint to enhance the vision of fish in shaded or darker water.  In addition, all images are powder coated to minimize product chipping.  They are available in both 1/4 oz. and 1/2 oz. sizes.

This lure is extremely versatile in that it can be used for several varieties of fish including bass, striper, walleye, musky, northern pike and red fish.  As this lure slips and slides through grass, brush and heavy cover, it creates a fish attracting wobble that entices ‘sure-thing’ bites.  This all happens because of a weed-guard that helps to keep the lure from getting hung-up in heavy cover.  Soft plastic trailers also work well with this bait.

Cliff Liddy, President of Persuader American Angling, stated that “The Persuader Imaged Ultraviolet Weedless Spoon represents a new concept in this product category.  Imaging and ultraviolet paint truly lure the big lunkers hiding in heavy brush, timber or grass to attack this bait.”

Persuader American Angling also manufactures a line of spinner baits, buzz baits, jig baits, poppers, bird baits and soft plastic baits, under the Persuader brand.

All Persuader Products are represented by the following manufacturer representative groups:  Genaro Guajardo Sales Reps (Mexico), Gerald Kimzey & Associates (Arizona – New Mexico), Preferred Product Group (Chicago), Kelly J. Salmans Sales (Southern California), and West to East Representatives (Virginia).

For further information or questions, please contact Persuader American Angling by E-mail at or by telephone at (925) 820-5543.  They also have a website accessed at


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