Cartography Leader Adds and Updates Over 1,000 Freshwater Charts

Wareham, Mass. – Navionics, the leader in electronic charting and navigation data, announced today that it is in the process of adding new and updated lakes throughout the country to its renowned freshwater cartography offerings. In early 2012, Navionics began releasing updates on a daily basis with continued rollout planned over the next few months. The updates include 500 new HD lakes not previously available from Navionics, significant improvements for 1,000 of the most popular HD lakes with one-foot contour detail, and over 100 new standard definition lakes. Navionics new and updated standard and high-definition coverage adds to its already unprecedented content consisting of over 17,000 lakes in North America and over 400,000 total bodies of water.


Using the latest technology — satellite imagery, airborne laser, sonar and official Notices to Mariners — plus hundreds of thousands of changes made by Navionics users through its award-winning Community Layer, Navionics has updated contouring, adjusted coastlines to full pool, and added boat ramps, hot spots, road beds, foundation, creek beds, brush piles, artificial reefs, and docks within its charting database. The fully updated cartography suite provides anglers an even higher level of detailed coverage and spot-on positional accuracy with enhanced awareness of structure and transitions that typically hold fish — allowing them to efficiently locate productive waters.


“Navionics is committed to providing the most accurate and thorough cartography for both coastal and inland waters,” said Don Black, global vice president of sales and marketing, Navionics. “Our ongoing enhancements coupled with significant lake additions and a data overhaul of 1,000 of our most popular lake maps illustrates our dedication to continue to lead the freshwater cartography market. However, the upgrade for freshwater anglers doesn’t stop there. Navionics Freshest Data and User Generated Content have revolutionized cartography by providing updates on an unprecedented daily basis allowing boaters to benefit from the most current lake data possible.”


Available for compatible chartplotters through Freshest Data updates, and delivered in real time to mobile devices, Navionics provides customers access to regularly updated map data plus corrections made by the more than one million Navionics mobile and PC App users. New content such as buoy changes, sand bar shifts, and newly discovered rocks and bottom structure are instantly available for updating charts, greatly improving the accuracy of Navionics maps and enhancing navigation safety.

Freshest Data, proving chart updates and the Community Layer, is available free for a year with new HotMaps Premium and HotMaps Platinum chart cards. Continued unlimited updates for existing chart cards are available for 50% of chart card MSRP. For a complete, current list of lakes Navionics has updated, visit For more information on Navionics lake maps, or to learn more about Navionics and its entire product line, contact 800-848-5896 (toll-free) or visit




About Navionics:

For more than 25 years, Navionics® has developed and manufactured electronic navigation charts and systems for marine, inland lakes and rivers, and for outdoors use. Navionics is based in Massarosa, Italy, and operates sales and manufacturing facilities in seven countries – conducting research and development, operations, production, sales, marketing and distribution. Navionics headquarters in Massarosa, Italy serves Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, and manages the research, development, and production facilities globally. Navionics US headquarters, based in Wareham, Massachusetts, oversees the Americas. Navionics UK and Navionics Australia provide sales and distribution to their local regions.


Before and after chart examples showing significant updates

Before                                                                                            Updated



Before                                                                                            Updated





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