Navionics+ and Navionics Update are now available

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Navionics+ customers can:

  • Select and download any amount of content from one of seven extensive global regions
  • Easily enhance their own charts with the sonar logs they collect
  • Get one year of unlimited Freshest Data updates that include Nautical Charts, SonarCharts
    and Community Edits
  • Sync with Navionics mobile and web apps

Navionics Updates:

  • Provides current Navionics chart users with convenient and economical access to all the features Navionics+ offers.
  • Eligible products include Silver and Gold and marine charts, HotMaps Premium lake maps, and Marine & Lakes USA.
  • Once old chart cards are verified for eligibility, the new Navionics Updates chart card can access Navionics+ data.


To check out a demo of how these work, please cut and paste the following YouTube links into your web browser:

Navaionics Updates:

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