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Minda Spear Craws

What is different about our Craws

  • The baits were created to more imitate the swimming action of a craw (hence the concaved underside) than the up and down action of most other soft plastics
  • The “claws” are attached to the body with extra heavy duty arms that makes the bait look like it is in the defensive mode when at rest.
  • The air pocket behind the eyes can be used for scent, rattle chamber or a small piece of foam. It can also be left alone as a air pocket for lift.
  • The four different colors were developed to enhance the overall effectiveness and make them just a little different than all other craws on the market.

The Minda Lures Spear Craw was created to imitate the actual swimming action of a crawfish – as opposed to the generic up-and-down action of most other soft plastic craws. The underside of the bait is concaved to trap more water and elongate the swimming motion. This also help the claws move more naturally in water as it scoots along the bottom. An air pocket behind the eyes also helps the bait rise in a defensive position on the pause, and scent or a rattle can be added for additional fish attraction, as well as, a small piece of foam for added flotation. Available in multiple colors, the Minda Lures Spear Craw delivers a superb lifelike action fish can’t resist. For more information see the Minda Website

Available at www.tacklewarehouse.com

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  1. Trent Pennington says:

    These Minda lures crayfish work great. See our website http://www.mindalures.com and check out the spear worms as well!!!!!!!

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