Manatee deaths from boat strikes continue to be a serious problem

Endangered manatees have suffered greatly.  They experienced catastrophic losses due to Florida’s prolonged cold weather over the past winters, and manatee deaths from boat strikes continue to be a serious problem.  Save the Manatee Club has been the world’s strongest voice for manatees since 1981 when it was co-founded by renowned
singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett.  By spreading the word about these gentle marine mammals, you can help ensure that manatees continue to roam free for future generations to enjoy.

Featured above is Save the Manatee Club’s new holiday public service adoption message.  We hope that you will consider donating space and including our print ad in your fall and winter issues.  High resolution jpegs are available in three different sizes.  E-mail me at, and the PSAs will be e-mailed to you promptly.  View all three ad sizes on the Press Resources page of our website at:

Also, following this message is a press release about our Adopt-A-Manatee program.  This year, please add manatee adoptions to your Holiday Gift Guide or Charitable Gift Ideas section.  If you’d like a manatee photo to go along with the press release or adoption gift blurb, I’d be happy to e-mail high resolution photos to you.

Save the Manatee Club is a nonprofit manatee conservation organization, dedicated to protecting manatees and their aquatic habitat.  Read more about our work at

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