Looking for a Solution

This is the Problem

Boaters are visiting outer islands and rural beaches to picnic and party.  Unfortunately many are leaving their empties and trash behind.  Many fishermen aboard boats are tossing their empties overboard rather than allowing them to accumulate onboard. Even sailing vessels are now tossing their wine bottles overboard.

We Know Why

 Boaters are afraid to return with a boat full of empty alcohol containers.  Boaters know that doing so invites a DUI check if they encounter law enforcement along the way or back at the docks.

 Do You Have a Creative Solution?

 We would like to hear from boaters on some creative solutions for reducing this problem.  I would especially like to hear from those boaters who return to the docks without their empties.

 Please Send Me an Email with Your Solution

Rudy Socha, CEO, Wounded Nature – Working Veterans, rudy@woundednature.org

At the end of summer, this publication will print the results of the most creative solutions we received.

  Wounded Nature – Working Veterans (www. Woundednature.org) is a Charleston based 501c3 non-profit using volunteer boats and manpower to clean up debris and trash left behind by boaters on outer islands and rural beaches.  We also work to address coastal storm debris and help after natural disasters.  We are the only organization working year round on a national basis to address these problems.

 Until we can locate sponsors for boats we are limited to being able to tackle about 10% of the coastal areas needing our assistance.  Once financed, our boats will be staffed by veterans. Currently our clean-up efforts are limited based on available volunteer boats and workers for each project.

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