June 11 –  ArmyBassAngler Pros generally found Lake Belton in Central Texas to be extremely tough in the last Central Region Bass Champs event of 2011.  Of the 149 teams participating, only 23 brought limits to the scales while 72 had completely empty bags.

Pro Staff member, Rodney Thompson, who normally does very well on this lake with finesse techniques, was asked about his day.  His response was, “Not even one bullet.”  Many local anglers refer to the majority of fish caught as “Belton bullets,” those barely legal fish that are very skinny.  Rodney attempted all of his normal, successful methods on Belton, but to no avail.

Pro Staff members Randy Sitz and Ron Seevers had an equally frustrating day.  Once the problems with trolling motor batteries were solved, thanks to that mischievous phenomenon known as “Murphy,” the team spent their day running and gunning to a number of previously producing spots.  They felt that if they could have gotten on the very early top water bite, they may have had a shot at weighing in.  Ron took a lighthearted approach.  “Hey, we could have spent the day running around in something other than a Skeeter boat.  That wouldn’t have been nearly as fun.”

For the newest Pro Staff member, Dale Hughes, it was a pretty good day.  He fished with the partner he has been fishing with all season, Wendell Ramsey.  They started by finding dirty water in an area that the heat and summer boat traffic would have less of an affect.  After wading through dozens of hybrid and white bass they put two keepers in the boat.  So, they chose to continue to stay right on that stretch of bank, even if it meant catching so many other species.  After two more passes in the area, they had their limit of small fish.  Even though they lost two larger fish once the wind picked up, they managed a 10th place finish with almost 11 pounds.  Keep in mind it only took a little over eight pounds to get a check on this day.  When asked about his day, Dale couldn’t even talk about the bass.  “We caught a catfish in the tail and thought we a had a monster large mouth as we were fighting to get it to the boat.  But it was a blast catching so many fish today, even if they were the wrong kind.”

The ArmyBassAnglers have plenty of time to lick their wounds as they have a few months to prepare for the Central Region Championship… be held on Belton.  For more information about this and other Bass Champs events, visit or see what is new with the ArmyBassAnglers & The Coalition at


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