Knot2Kinky and InvisaSwivel products Put to the Test, Powering Out Positive Results

The problem with manufacturing is testing new products on the consumer, or the angler. Before the research and development is complete, and prototypes fully tested in the field, an undependable manufacturer goes to market. The polar opposite is running a potentially new product through the mill, further grinding it at another mill, and only then taking it to the street. Aquateko goes even further. Even after putting trusted and innovative products in the hands of anglers, they come back around to verify that positive perception remains.

Recently, Aquateko ran its flagship Knot2Kinky and InvisaSwivel products through the wringer in North American Fishing Club’s “Field Test Program.” So a highly qualified sample group received products and instructions for running the unique terminal tackle items through their paces.

Knot2Kinky found an audience of anglers who vex over fish that can bite back – namely pike, muskies, kingfish and shark. Leaders are lifelines to these fanatical folks. Sometimes grinding it out for hours for that one hellacious strike, there’s no room for equipment failure. And Knot2Kinky held the line. Field Tester Theo Fernandez was most impressed by Knot2Kinky’s strength. “You’ll break your rod before you break the Knot2Kinky leader. That’s not fluff, it’s the truth,” Fernandez filed in his report. In fact, nearly every tester first praised Knot2Kinky’s strength. As its name implies, Knot2Kinky, does its best to remain straight as a laser beam even after rumbling with lunkers. Field Tester Tod Tudor said, “It’s almost impossible to kink this stuff.” Knot2Kinky’s unique properties of stretchability, ability to be tied, and corrosion-free promise were referenced often, too. Overall, Knot2Kinky scored 82% when asked if the Field Tester would recommend the product. Two percentage points higher than the “80/20 Rule”…impressive.

Next up InvisaSwivel, the virtually weightless and transparent, self-lubricating, non-corrosive swivel. It had 83% of the Field Testers saying they appreciate its performance and validate the product’s claims. Clearly, the number one most cited asset of the InvisaSwivel is its ability to clone the color of the water, essentially disappearing in environments from crystalline to Mississippi mud. Field Testers also touted InvisaSwivel’s neutral buoyancy. This is a critical feature when your main spool line – mono, braid or superline – form a firm partnership with the leader line. The weight of a conventional metal swivel hampers overall performance by introducing unwanted weight. Consider a chunky swivel between your spooled line and leader, and then lure, say a crankbait. Pause your troll or retrieve and the leader line plummets like a pendulum, negatively reorienting the lure. With an InvisaSwivel, the swivel stops and hangs right there with the bait.

Reassurance for both the manufacturer and purchaser is a good thing. Through the results of North American Fishing Club’s “Field Test Program, the team at Aquateko can continuing sleeping well at night – the angling community maintaining its trust in Knot2Kinky and InvisaSwivel.

About InvisaSwivel

Consider your preconceived notion of swivels forever changed. No more rusting on the bottom of your tackle box. The bulkiness and unwanted weight are history. InvisaSwivels are virtually indestructible; neutrally buoyant; invisible in the water; non-metallic, non-corrosive; and self-lubricating in the water, making them maintenance free.

About Knot2Kinky          

Fish should consider removing their teeth before striking a lure tethered with Knot2Kinky. The knottable leader line is kink and bite resistant; never corrodes; stretches to offer that “shock absorber” effect to better hook fish; and is tougher and stronger than conventional titanium wire. Knot2Kinky is the perfect defense against freshwater and saltwater fish that have a knack for slicing the line.

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