Jason Borofka FLW Ray O Vac Pro leads Ultimate Bass University

ultimate bass university

We are back and class is in session after our January break and we have tracked down one of the top pro anglers on the FLW Ray O Vac circuit Jason Borofka to get us ready for some spring bass fishing. Jason is on a roll coming off of a 2nd place finish at the kick off Lake Havasu Ray O Vac tournament after wrapping up his 2013 season with a 2nd place at Clear Lake and a 3rd place in the FLW Angler of the Year race.

The two-time Forrest Wood Cup Qualifier will talk spring fishing on the Delta, Clear Lake and the valley lakes with what baits, where and when you should be looking during your spring fishing. Jason will also talk about tournament preparation and approaching new lakes.

Don’t miss one of the top ranked pro anglers in the West Jason Borofka at this month’s Ultimate Bass University.

The seminar is Tuesday night the 18th of February at 6:30 and the cost is free so bring a fishing buddy.

For info or directions check out www.gfmarine.com or  ultimatebassradio.com




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