Billy Bones Shiner Hunts Down a 11lb Bass

Wayne Hunter Catches a Eleven Pound Bass

“The Bass Master” Wayne Hunter from Florida caught this nice 11lb bass.

Size: 11lbs

Length: 25″

Girth: 20.2″

Bait: Billy Bones Magic Shiners

Rod&Reel: Wright and McGill, addictive spinning combo

Line: FINZ

Hook: Mustard

Lake: Port St Lucie Canal

Time: 3:30pm

Weather: Sunny

Date: 03/21/11

I was casting on one rod with my weedless lizard when I noticed my Wright McGill pole, that I had my shiner on it, shot towards the water. I darted towards the pole and started the fight. By the fight and weight on the poll I thought I had a small alligator. My line then went right into the lilly pads and I knew then I had a monster. I almost lost it during the fight, I then loosened my drag and let it ride for a couple minutes. Finally after 5 minutes I pulled this 11lb Large mouth bass on the bank and was very proud of this catch from a little canal in Port St. Lucie.

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  1. wayne says:

    if you have a gps just drive around the streets in psl between the indian river and us1 randy the canals are loaded with bass since they are not fished to often weedless worms lizards and billy bones magic shiners work good… good luck!

  2. Randy says:

    I just moved to psl and id love if youd show me where to catch bass around here, I wouldnt even begin on where to look around here. Lol

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