Help Save the California Delta

Save the California Delta

Hello everyone, I am Grant Olguin with Black Dog Bait Co. The past few years we have all heard about the often renamed Peripheral Canal project (currently known as the “Bay Delta Conservation Plan”) that will divert as much as 100% of the Sacramento River’s flow around the Delta at the taxpayers expense.  There are many different names and stories used to sell this piece of ecosystem destruction.  The prelude to the Peripheral Canal, the “Two Gates Project” has recently been renamed the “Franks Tract Project”.  Many of us fishermen feel overwelmed by the never ending schemes designed to export MORE WATER OUT OF THE DELTA.  Fish need water.  There should be a minimum amount of water that must flow through the Delta each year to protect all fresh and saltwater fish in the ecosystem. What this state DOES NOT NEED is taxpayers funding a project to literally “kill” our beloved Delta.

Many bass fishermen have given up the fight thinking that, “THEY (State government, corporate agribusiness) will do what THEY want with the Delta and there’s noting I can do about it,” or “I’ll just fish Don Pedro, Folsom, Oroville, Shasta, etc.”  Let us remember that all of these water systems are connected.  Who’s to say those ecosystems won’t be destroyed next?

An organized, vocal minority (fishermen) has significant political power.  We must speak loudly, clearly, with a uniform voice to influence John Q. Public, the media, and our state politicians.  Remember, politicians are accountable to the voters, not the agribusiness billionaires that are hell bent on taking every last drop out of the Delta.  NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE ACTION!!!!

We are all busy with day-to-day life and FISHING!  People hit us up for money for multiple reasons all the time.  You might be asking yourself, “What can I do about it? I’m just a work-a-day fisherman who wants to live my life.  Why should I take my valuable time to protect the Delta?”  The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is a RENEWABLE PUBLIC RESOURCE that provides drinking water, recreation, agriculture, and fishing habitat from Sacramento to Tracy to the Pacific Ocean.  If we fishermen do not step up and fight today, the landscape will be forever altered.

There is a non-profit that is working to protect and restore the water flows that are the life blood of the Delta; Restore the Delta  The employees and volunteers who make up this organization are donating their LIVES to this fight.  These people have impeccable reputations and could make a more secure living at some other job, but they’re doing this for the love of the Delta; fighting “tooth and nail” to keep the politicians honest and inform the public of this Peripheral Canal scam.  To simplify their mission; Restore the Delta exists to establish a minimum amount of water flowing through the Delta each year to keep the ecosystem alive; the ecosystem includes salmon, steelhead, smelt, American shad, largemouth bass, Sacramento splittail, striped bass, smallmouth bass, halibut, sharks, bluegill, catfish, crawdads, birds, snakes, turtles, etc.  These water flows support Northern California economies like Delta family farms, Delta recreation, Delta fishing, and Pacific ocean fishing (salmon, halibut, crab, etc.).

Now is the time for bass fishermen to join this fight in large numbers.  Restore the Delta is accepting donations.  As little as $10.00 will help fund an ad campaign…. that’s less than the cost of crankbait these days!  Again, Restore the Delta is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  The donations are tax deductible.  If everyone on Western bass sent $10.00 dollars, we could fund the campaign for quite a while.  We have performed Western Bass auctions and other fundraisers for  Now, this campaign needs to get bigger and stronger.  We need your help.  Please step up and set the example for all of your fishing buddies.  To donate please click on this link  Be sure to type Western Bass in the notes when making your donation.

Note: Bass Angler Magazine has donated several times and will continue to support to this worthwhile cause.

If you have questions, please visit the website

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