Head Up North for Monster Largemouth Bass

Most anglers when you mention lunker Bass images of the south or the west run through your mind. I am here to tell you that you can’t rule out the north.

This past summer my buddies and I went on a trip to the Belgrade region of Maine. It was mid July and as we talked to the other guests at the lodge they told us that big fish were being caught. We got all of our gear into the boat we rented for the week and headed out onto Salmon Lake. We focused on finding coves with structure and with the sun setting and the water looking like a sheet of glass we tied on a Rebel Pop R.

I casted to over hanging trees and next to rock piles, I feel if you can give that bait the most realistic story you can your chances of hooking up are a lot better. When the lure hit the water no more then five seconds I had a big strike. I set the hook and fought a big Bass to the boat. My buddies were catching and the Pop R was proving to be worth its weight in gold. Then as the night began to fall and the Pop R bite slowed down we switched over to buzzbaits. The buzzbait allows you to cover a lot of water fast and when the bite is on at night that’s exactly what you want to do. We fished the shoreline and docks then made our way out to open water. We took along a scale and started to document the weight of these fish. We were catching anywhere from 3lb to 5lb Bass.

As the trip went on we all looked forward to the night, we found a pattern that worked and it produced big fish. I would have never believed that Maine had great Largemouth Bass fishing, when I think Maine, Smallmouth’s and coldwater species come into mind. Even when friends see the pictures of the trip they can’t get over the quality Largemouth we all caught. It’s no wonder why they call Maine vacation land, if you live in the north east a six to seven hour drive up north can be worth a lifetime in fishing memories. I have made it a point every summer to take a few days off work and fish up north for monster Largemouth Bass!


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  1. jd says:

    Dont know why they’re going all the way up to maine for those runts im nailing 5-6 pounders right here in connecticut what a waste of gas lol

  2. Adam Davis says:

    I think the article is dead on. Even though down here in the south is know for having massive lunkers, nice size bass can be found in the northeast in th summer. To my knowledge bass do not ‘migrate’, but it wouldn’t suprise me that there is a pattern of some of the larger bass moving northerly during the heat of the summer. As Jeannie said, great article!

  3. Jeannie Jones says:

    Great article!!!

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