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Every aspect of boating can benefit from the versatile use of a bungee cord. However, exposure to water, sun and nature’s extreme temperatures, can wear down typical bungee cords.  Fortunately, The Perfect Bungee is designed to not crack, break, split, become brittle or scuff, and can withstand exposure to salt water, oil, ozone and even come with a lifetime guarantee. Useful in many applications, The Perfect Bungee is the perfect way to secure a boat to the trailer or dock and keep tubes and fishing poles from flying out of the boat during high speeds.  Made of super-strong polyurethane, the Perfect Bungees stretch up to twice its original length. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, the Perfect Bungee is the perfect tool to have while enjoying a day on the lake, river or ocean.

The Perfect Bungee Product Features:
Made from high quality polyurethane
Decrease risk of injury or lost transports
Resistant to saltwater, oil, ozone and the majority of common household chemicals
Safely extend up to twice the original length
Non-load bearing cords won’t stretch or gouge
Galvanized straps for all load bearing applications
Guaranteed for life

The Fixed-end Cord attaches to any part of the boat and can be used for an endless number of applications. It has a heavy-duty nylon hook on one end and a secure nylon clip on the other. It’s very strong and versatile. MSRP $4.72

The Loop-end Cord is the most versatile you’ll ever use. Featuring a nylon hook or gated hook on one end and a molded loop on the other, a mesh bag or stringer can easily be secured to the boat.  MSRP $4.78
The Flex Web is perfect for securing coolers on a boat. String several fixed end cords together via a central ring to create a 4, 6, or 8 arm “web” in two different lengths. MSRP $28.36 (for 6 arm)

No knots to tie; just wrap and thread. This Boat Snubber can withstand 1,000 lbs. of pull and can accommodate up to a 3/4” diameter mooring line.
MSRP $ 25.00 (24” length)

Simply wrap and hang personal or frequently used items and keep your boat looking organized with the Utility Suspender. MSRP $3.22
The Perfect Tie-Down is perfect for securing any large item being stored or transported on a boat or towing your boat on a trailer. There are no parts to break; simply attach the hook to one end and pull the cord with the other. Release with the thumb hole! Quick, easy and high quality. Made in the USA of high strength thermo plastic, Delrin® with 1/4” solid braid polyester rope. The rated capacity is 350 pounds with 100 pounds of working capacity. MSRP $35.96 for 2-pack

Available at http://www.justduckyproducts.com/


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