GoPro Classic

Pictured are some folks from the Bass Master Classic Expo representing GoPro’s! People of all ages now have an HD capable video recorder at their hands! Many high school fishing teams are leading the way, using GoPro’s to film their meetings, tournament practices and fun team videos. Others in the media world were using GoPro’s as their main camera for angler interviews and filming all the new gear. Last is the sick GoPro rigged Nitro Z-9. Matte black finished covered in GoPro’s showing off all the different ways to mount your GoPro on the water. Check out for more information or contact Bill Kohls for any GoPro tips!


Bill Kohls is the owner and operator of BillKohlsMedia, a marketing and promotional company with a focus on the outdoors. Bill has years of experience behind the camera and computer, creating and helping companies with unique and unforgettable promotions. Bill resides in North Carolina, but travels around the US to work with anglers of all levels. Check out to see more of his work.






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