Fritz’s Super Lures

Fritz's Super Lures

Fritz Germany was founded in 2010 by three avid anglers looking for a solution to smelly, sticky and highly poisonous soft plastics. The first product release was their starter kits which allowed anglers to design and make their own gelatine based lures and soft baits. As our Fresh-Bait kits were very practical we used trade shows and exhibitions all over the Europe to promote and show off our products which were very successful for one side of the market.

The other side which is made up of the convenience angler needs something else. They are looking for pre-made versions that are easy to buy and use very quickly. Hence the great success of soft plastic lures. The problem is hardly anyone is aware of the dangers that lie within this material. We set ourselves a task of producing a shelf life version to our edible lures. We have succeeded in finding a suitable material and two very attractive lure forms. We are looking at crowd funding to raise money for the very expensive marketing campaign a product as new as this is going to need to get the idea throughout the world. So we set up a project on the website Kickstarter to get things going.

The project can be viewed here at 
Please feel free to pick off any information you like from the kickstarter page.

The benefits of our pre-made Super Lures:
– Made from 100% protein our lures are packed throughout with flavour, acids and oils.
– The material is also made up of quinine that gives it a strong natural UV property.
– The fishy properties mean the predator will not try to eject the lure giving the angler longer to hook the fish.
– If the lure is lost in the water it will loose all colour in 24 hours and disappear in under 3 days leaving no danger.
– Any one lure can be used for up to 8 hours in water giving continuous leakage of its flavour and oils.
– Our 4 colour variations are suited to the 4 main weather scenarios. Making it incredibly easy to choose which to use.
– The two initial designs are suited to nearly all lure techniques, including dropshot, trolling and texas.




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