Fishing With Confidence

“The sport of bass fishing not only doesn’t promote confidence, it actively tries to steal it from both seasoned and aspiring anglers alike.

Fishing With Confidence:  Self Confidence for A Sport That Demands It by Author/Bass Angler John Mark Warren, defines what it takes to be a competent practitioner of the sport, while it exposes the many challenges that stand in the way of maintaining an enduring and useable on the water confidence. Bass fishing confidence can be acquired, and every serious bass angler wants and needs it. John shows you how to not only get it, but to keep it as well.”

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About Mark

Mark Lassagne, born and raised in California is the creator of the popular, BASS ANGLER magazine. Mark a skillful professional angler, outdoor writer, promoter and top competitor on the western tournament circuits.


  1. Now that’s a great quote: “You don’t know how much confidence matters, until you don’t have it!” Another flash of Lassagne brilliance!

  2. Mark says:

    About 30% through the book and I’ve already learned several lessons. You don’t know how much confidence matters until you don’t have it. Good Read

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