Fishhound’s Product Showcase Produces for Manufacturers Lindy and Aquateko

Manufacturers Lindy Fishing Tackle and Aquateko are both reporting that their participation in’s Product Showcase and Field Testing Program is producing significant results.  Lindy and Aquateko are just two of the many tackle industry companies that have joined together at a promotional level with Fishhound to reach the huge number of anglers that form the world’s largest online fishing community.

Fishhound’s Product Showcase allows companies to leverage the promotional power of the Web and the “viral” qualities of social media to instantly reach a massive audience of hardcore fishing enthusiasts. The program also features a field-testing aspect that puts manufacturers’ products in the hands of Fishhound users so they can experience the performance and report back on the quality to other site users.

“We’ve found that our promotional partnership with Fishhound has positively affected our bottom line already,” said Matt Carufel, Social Media Marketing Manager of Lindy Fishing Tackle.  “Since starting up with Fishhound, we have noticed an increase in website traffic, customer inquiries and significant growth in our Facebook audience.  Unlike traditional forms of advertising, we don’t have to wonder whether we’re getting a worthwhile return on our investment; we can actually see measureable results and they’re greater than our initial investment.”

Aquateko’s President, Keith Kessler is also very pleased with the results his company is receiving from their participating in Fishhound’s Product Showcase. “Our Flouro-Clear InvisaSwivels and Knot2Kinky leaders are unique and innovative products. The challenge is educating anglers on the many uses and benefits.  By partnering with Fishhound, we’re able to communicate the advantages, get our products in the hands of serious anglers and create a tremendous amount of consumer interest.”

According to Rick Patri, Fishhound’s Vice President, Operations, Fishhound’s Product Showcase significantly outperforms traditional print advertising and banners at other high-traffic websites.  “We get the more than 250,000 fishing fanatics at and our over 320,000 Facebook fans truly excited about our partners’ products, said Patri. “Then, we let the our members do the talking. These unbiased opinions from fellow anglers are much more believable and compelling than self-promoting ads.”

To learn more about’s Product Showcase and Field Testing Program, or to register for free as a user, visit:  If you’d like to put get your product front and center at and create viral “buzz” among 300,000 Fishhound Facebook fans through user field tests and testimonials, contact Program Manager John Loughlin,


Fishhound is a thriving social network where anglers, manufactures, lodges, tackle shops and a variety of fishing related business interact with one another on a platform designed to leverage the viral nature of social media. With today’s changes in consumer buying patterns, Fishhound educates and influences the buying decisions of today’s social media savvy anglers by reaching an incredible 15 million people per month. Sign up for free at


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