“Fish N’Chips” Great Outdoor Poker Challenge is back!

What do outdoor notables such as B.A.S.S Elite Series champions Byron Velvick and Ish Monroe, FLW champions R.J. Bennett and Zack Thompson, lure designer Alan Fong, Jeff Huth, Don Paganelli, and Ultimate Bass Radio host Kent Brown all have in common?

They all enjoy a good challenge – whether it be on the water trying to locate a winning stringer of bass, or sitting across from other players at a casino table trying to decide whether to hold or fold the cards they were dealt.

And each pro angler as well as other outdoor enthusiasts may yet have another chance at the latter, as the 3rd annual “Fish & Chips” – Great Outdoors Poker Challenge! comes back to Thunder Valley Casino Resort bringing with it more fun, excitement, cash and big prizes than ever before!

The first event in a series of two qualifying events will take place on Wednesday, September 5th at Thunder Valley Casino, paying a top prize of $500 to the winner of each qualifying event, cash prizes to the top eight places, and prizes to the top 20 finishers!

The top 20 finishers from each of the two qualifying events (2nd qualifying event will be on Oct 3rd) will move on to the “Fish & Chips” Great Outdoors Poker Challenge Championship and a shot at capturing the “Thunder Valley Cup”, and taking home the first place prize – an ultimate outdoor sportsman’s package which includes a small recreational boat, 2 ATV Quads, plus premium hunting and fishing gear worth $2,500 dollars! 2nd place in the final championship event pays $1,000 cash, with other big cash prizes to the top ten finishers!

To add to the fun, some of the west’s top pro bass anglers mentioned above, will again participate in the qualifying events with each pro having a “reward bounty“placed on them, where the participant that eliminates that bass pro from the competition, will receive a nice bonus award such as that pro’s favorite rod, reels and bait combo or other great prizes!  In addition, all those eliminated from competition, will be entered into a FREE drawing for premium prizes!

Please note that space for each of these events will be limited, so if you want to get in, it is imperative that you call the FPT offices RIGHT AWAY to reserve and guarantee your seat at one of the tables. Also, the first 75 people registered will be entered into a drawing for an 8-hr, unlimited stop tour of the Napa Valley in a luxury limousine courtesy of Destiny Wine Tours!

To qualifying rounds require a $40 buy-in, BUT if you lucky enought to move on to the championship event there is NO-BUY IN!

Tournament competition begins promptly at 7:00pm so make sure you get to the casino early so you will be ready when the chips fall!

And remember….you DO NOT have to be a member of the Future Pro Tour to participate in these events, simply a person who enjoys and participates in outdoor activities.

So call today to get registered for some indoor fun at a gaming venue that is for sure the most comprehensive and luxurious in the west!

Good luck everyone!

Angler’s Press

For more information on rules for the tournament or register, please visit www.anglerspress.com or call 916-768-0938

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